Monday, December 11, 2017

Mine craft Birthday Party

Some photos from the birthday party activities:

Shoot down the creeper, build a design with lego candy, clues for the scavenger hunt, make-your-own minecraft square cake, etc

Grant's Birthday!

This handsome boy turned eleven!! He got a fancy bike and some pool toys as gifts (unfortunately he had to wait a few months for the pool toys to be put to use!)

He had a birthday party with some wonderful friends. The highlight of the activities was a clever scavenger hunt and clues put together by Rob.

Junior High Spring Musical project Part 2

Some fun photos from the evening:

Junior High Spring Musical Project

Brenna's Junior High choir performed Lion King as a class project. This means they only rehearsed during choir class (so great!) and had minimal props and costumes. She was cast as Nala and did a great job! Here is a short teaser clip:

Sunday, November 5, 2017