Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Crescent City

Our family took yet another vacation this past weekend. Since Rob's office was closed and we are moving inland soon, I told him we needed to go to the coast one more time. So we went to Crescent City, CA and stayed at a cabin at the KOA there. What made the weekend especially fun was that my sister Sarah and her husband Jeremy came, too. Although a bit cold and windy, it was a great weekend!

Our silly kids at the cabin.

Seth and his stick weapons. We walked some trails in Praire Creek park and saw some gigantic redwood trees and some elk.

We had lots of fun around the campfire. As Brenna kept putting it- "Let's marsh some marshmallows!"

Aunt Sarah and Grant. The smoke got in his face!

We took a boat ride up the Rogue River. It was beautiful scenery!

Of course the kids loved the beach- even though it was so cold they had to wear coats and hats. Mom and Dad enjoyed the beach, too, because Grant really didn't get into trouble there. He just played in the sand. He wasn't too brave around the water, fortunately.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Grant's Birthday

Grant turned two on May 15th. He got a tricycle, a Buzz Light Year Blaster, and Blue's Clues DVD. He had a cute look on his face when Mom handed him his presents as if to say "this stuff is really mine?" Amy made a Blue's Clues cake and called it a success when Grant recognized it as Blue.

All in all the day was a success despite the fact the weather jumped 30 degrees to 102 F and our air conditioning was broken. We finally got it fixed on Friday after three days. Our house peaked at 87 F downstairs, upstairs....well we tried not to go up there.

Friday Amy, Brenna and Grant went to a train park in Medford. It's really neat. The park has volunteers that make miniature trains that you can ride on and they have the park decorated like a miniature of the valley.

Rob decided that Grant's hair was too long so he gave him a buzz. Saturday was pretty hot weather still, so we got a sprinkler and kiddy pool going for the kids to cool off. Grant got to try on his new Costco swim suit with matching swim shirt and we all thought he looked like a pretty good beach surfer dude.

Tonight during family night we asked Brenna what eternal meant and she automatically replied "Be nice every day and do what we're supposed to." We laughed pretty hard because we must be lecturing her a lot on how to behave and this is her answer to everything now. We love Brenna, she has all sorts of Brennaisms like "Walkouch!" (watch out) and "Accuse me!" (excuse me).

Monday, May 12, 2008


Hello everyone! It has been a while since we posted but my sister Sarah started the cutest blog and inspired me to get involved with ours. So- that is the new goal- we will see how it goes.

We just returned from our family's first trip to Disneyland, the happiest place on earth (well, not for Grant). We had such a fun time we are already planning on a next time.

We drove down to Sacramento and picked up my mom and Heidi and drove with them the rest of the way. They came to Disneyland with us the next day but then had to fly home. We had one day on our own and then met up with Sarah who was attending Disneyland one day during her BYU Singers tour to Southern Cal.

We had a great time, especially with all of our helpers. The kids just hung on Heidi and Sarah and wanted to go on every ride with them.

Seth was a champ and loved just about every ride including California Screamin' -quite a fast roller coaster. I was impressed. His favorite part was the Jedi Training Show where he was schooled in the art of weilding a light saber and even got to defeat Darth Vader.

Brenna was a little more timid but was a trooper on Splash Mountain and Space Mountain (what was I thinking?). Her favorite part was the Dumbo ride and the Carousel, and probably the parades. She also really enjoyed the Brother Bear play area.

Grant's favorite part of the trip was the car ride (no kidding- he was better behaved in the car than in the park!) We think maybe he was still feeling the effects of the ear infection he had the week before because he wasn't his usual pleasant self.

Rob's favorite part was the pineapple smoothie he ate, and mine was definitely California Screamin', and seeing Dr. Staheli.

On the way home we were lucky enough to stay with Rob's aunt Marilyn and family in Clovis, and to see his mom and aunt who were there visiting!
What a great trip!