Saturday, June 28, 2008

We have a house!

Some of you know that it has been a long arduous process finding a rental house for us in Nampa. Mostly because I am too picky about schools, location, proximity to Kristy's house, etc. I just love making life harder than it needs to be, I guess. Thanks to Rob's sister Kristy being willing to drive out to Nampa several times to check out homes for us, we finally found one, and FINALLY signed a rental agreement. So, I think it is safe to say it is ours!

It is cute so I thought I would post a few pictures of it.

Okay, I had to wait until this morning to call Sarah and ask for help on the slideshow. So I am posting it now- these are pictures of our fun hike we went on in Tahoe.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Lake Tahoe reunion

We just got back a few days ago from our latest trip. We had a family reunion with my family in Lake Tahoe, followed by a nice visit at my parent's home. It was fun to see everyone, especially my twin sister, Wendy, whom I had not seen for a year! We stayed in a wonderful cabin with bedrooms and bathrooms for all! Thanks, mom and dad!

Rob was only able to stay for a few days, but at least he was there for Father's Day. Brenna and Seth sure had fun playing with their cousin Kenneth, 31/2, and Shannon, almost two. Poor Wendy had her hands full, as Shannon would not let anyone else hold her or help her, only her mommy. Last year she was much the same, with one exception- she let me hold her. This year she was wiser to the fact that although similar to her mommy, I was not the same! By the end of the visit I was able to sneak in a few cuddles- I have a picture to prove it.

Brenna and Kenneth got along so well- it was fun to see them playing together. I can't wait until next year- hopefully Grant will have grown out of terrorizing Shannon and they can be friends.

So I have a lot of pictures... some of us around the cabin, lots of a hike we went on, some at the pool, some at the beach. I think I will copy my sister Sarah's idea and do a slide show of the hike- too many pictures, but all cute. So, here goes:

Kenneth and Wendy

Brenna and Sarah

Grant and Shannon

Shannon at the beach

Grant at the beach


beach groupBrenna and Kenneth

Heidi and SethGrant

After Tahoe we spent some time at my parent's home. The kids had fun playing together and swimming in the pool. They also enjoyed helping grandpa in the garden, and eating the blackberries.

Perhaps the highlight of the trip was the visit to Modesto to see my grandma Stephens. We played and sang for her, and then wheeled her up to the piano. She began to play and looked at me with such an excited look on her face, just delighted that her fingers obeyed what she asked of them. She played a song which I captured on video- I am so glad I have this, I just had to post it. What a wonderful legacy she leaves with us. Here she is, 89 years old, and still bringing joy to others through her music. I think I really realized the power of this musical legacy a few weeks ago when I was playing through some music in the attempt to find something appropriate for a certain musical number in Sacrament Meeting. I played through "The Lord's Prayer," and suddenly this wave of feelings and emotions coursed through me. I recalled all these memories of my mom singing this song, and my grandma playing for her. Then, as we got older, my grandma and mom coaching Wendy and I in playing this song, and others, molding us into the accompanists we would become. I thought, "wow, even when grandma is gone, I can listen or play through a piece of music and remember her so strongly." What a legacy. I love my grandma!

This was such a wonderful trip. I am so grateful for my wonderful family. We had such a good time together. It was so neat to go a whole week without any TV and hardly any computer- very refreshing! Weavers, you all will be shocked to know that I taught my family how to play Rook (well my parents already knew how- just not some of the Weaver rules). It seems that we just go from one packing event to the other. Now we have to pack and get ready to move to Idaho! Nampa, here we come!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

We're having another boy!

Well so much for our weekly updates. Last week was just really uneventful, so I had no motivation to post a blog- sorry. This week, however, we have some big news: We are having another boy!!!! We are very excited (except for Brenna who is a little sad, or as she says, a little angry.) I never imagined I would have so many boys after growing up with so many sisters (multiple boys were just hard to imagine) but it is good! I can't wait to see if he will follow our blond haired, blue-eyed boy mold we have so far. 20 more weeks....

A strange event happened last week that I suppose we might not ever see again. A hive of honeybees outgrew their home and swarmed to a tree in front of our condo. It was quite a sight so see hundreds (thousands?) of bees flying in a small area. I tried to take a picture through our window (no way was I going out there) but it is pretty difficult to see the bees. If you look really close, all those little dots you see are bees.

So eventually they stopped swarming and bunched up around the innermost branch of the tree. It was the weirdest thing- just this constantly shifting mass of honeybees. This picture also doesn't do it justice, but oh well. After a few hours the bees swarmed again and slowly moved off.

So I guess what happens when the bees get too large for their hive is that the queen bee sends out a hormone that somehow communicates with all the other bees that they are going to relocate to a larger home. The only reason I know this is about a month before there was an article in our paper about the very same thing. A swarm of honeybees congregated around somebody's mailbox. Pretty crazy. I was fascinated by the article, but never thought I would witness a similar happening in my own front yard. Nature is so cool!

Some other news this week- we CUT Brenna's hair. Her hair is sooooo thick (like her mommy's) and it is quite curly. These two factors added together equal VERY HARD TO MANAGE HAIR. I have found that it is much easier to manage when it is short. Unfortunately, our hair dresser just moved, so I thought I would give it a try. Rob was cutting Seth's hair so Brenna decided she wanted her daddy to cut her hair instead. It ended up a lot shorter than we anticipated- (those darn curls) and a little uneven on each side (which we fixed the next day) but overall pretty cute.

Our little Brenna is quite the artist. Tonight at dinner we noticed a drawing of a person on Grant's high chair. During dinner I noticed a similar one on the head of Seth's chair. Curious, I turned around to look at my chair. Sure enough, a mini-mommy had been drawn. I asked Rob if he had a person drawn on the back of his, and sure enough, there it was. We of course reminded Brenna that it is not okay to draw on furniture, but then we had a pretty good chuckle. I am sure if it was not an old yard sale purchased table, it would not be quite so funny. So I attempted to capture the images on camera, but of course they didn't turn out too well.

Here is a pretty darn good picture of the character Aang from the Avatar cartoon. When I first saw it I though Seth had drawn it, but then Brenna told me she had. I thought it was pretty good for an almost five year old.

Here is a video of Grant singing the "Yo, Ho " Pirates of the Caribbean song. Don't ask me how he knows it! It is pretty cute how he sings "Yo Ho " the whole entire time until he ends with a "Me." Well, he usually ends with a "me". Of course, whenever the camera comes out, kids never perform the way you want them to. Why is that?

One funny side note about Seth: Today was the last day of school so he came home with a bunch of stuff to show me. They had made little autograph books to sign for each other. On one of the pages was a questionairre to fill out for remembrance sake. Things like "What's your favorite movie, TV show, color, " etc. For the favorite school subject, Seth wrote "scissors." I love kids' honesty!

All in all I can say I am happily consigned to motherhood. Life is sure interesting with little kids. WOnder what next week will bring!