Sunday, July 27, 2008

It has been so long! I am sorry for all of you who have been waiting for an update. We have been so busy- wow! I think we can finally catch our breaths now. Trying to get settled in and figure out how to run a business is a lot to do at once.

We moved on July 9 from our home in Oregon. The loading went much quicker than expected so Rob urged me to leave that day instead of the next morning. As a result, we took off before saying goodbye to some people that were hoping to see us one last time. I am soo, sooo sorry about that. It was a hectic day and I was worried about that, but I think Rob was right in having us leave early, since it took a lot longer to drive to Idaho with the moving truck than usual. It averaged 20 mph from Medford to Bend, so it was nice to break it up into two days. We spent the night in a hotel in Bend, and then continued on to Nampa the next morning.

When we arrived at our rental house Rob's sister and her kids were waiting for us. They had made us a cute welcome sign and stocked our kitchen with some essentials like water and some food, toilet paper and soap for the bathrooms, etc. She is so thoughtful! It was a while before I had the boxes cleared out enough to take some pictures, and then longer to get the house clean, but I finally got some pictures of our hosue to post.

We are enjoying our neighborhood. There are several kids Seth and Brenna's age, which I was so happy about because they were pretty sad to leave their friends in Oregon. The church building is across the street from the entrance to our subdivision- we walk. The school is right behind the church, and Rob's office is minutes away. It is a nice location for us.

Rob has been busy busy busy getting everything running for his office. He is feeling positive about it, and his office staff is super nice and fun to work with, so that is good. His first item of business is getting the office repainted and recarpeted. An expensive project but, honestly, it really needs to be done. So, we have been busy picking out paint and carpet colors and getting pretty frustrated with the whole thing. (Rob delegated the task to me, and I immediately enlisted the help of his sister, Kristy. IT is tricky between her five kids, my three, and trying to get to stores to look at samples, take some home, and have them back to the store a few days later...agh!) This too shall pass.....

This past weekend was a load of fun because almost all of Rob's family came up for the weekend. Friday we all went to the Roaring Springs Water Park in Boise. It was a good time despite the sunburns most of us attained. That night his parents took the adults out to dinner. A very fun and tasty night out. Saturday almost everyone went to see Wall-E the movie, and then came to our house for a birthday party for Seth. Grandma and Grandpa brough a borrowed blow-up water slide, and we had a water party in the backyard. Now, if you don't know the history of our backyard, let me tell you so you do not wonder why in all of the pictures the activities are on the bark instead of the grass. Instead of putting in sod in the backyard like we were told they would, the owners of our house put in seed so the grass was too young to play on quite yet. However, since they put bark on more of the yard than would normally be done, there was plenty of space without grass to play on- you just needed shoes! Anyway, we played lots of games that Seth had planned out months ago, and everyone seemed to have a good time, which made me happy. We did an obstacle course, bean bag toss, water balloon, toss, and pin the fin on the whale. Everyone had fun participating- even the adults!


I am so glad that I married into such a wonderful family. We had such a good time with them this weekend. It was fun having a family gathering in our home. I am grateful my kids have such loving and happy aunts, uncles cousins and grandparents to spend time with and look to as examples.

To all our friends in Oregon- we miss you! We miss beautiful Oregon and all of the fun people there. Sister Jackson, Sunday School is just not the same! We think about you often, and hope all is going well.

Hopefuly I will be able to post again, soon.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Moving woes

This is why I hate moving. When I try to get something done, Grant creates more work for me....

I have to admit that in the past I would not have even thought to take a picture of such a disaster, but perspectives certainly change... Even drawing on the wall is precious.