Sunday, August 24, 2008

Our new way to travel

We live so close to school that we have been riding our bikes to and from. It is a good work-out and I love not having to load kids in the car. I thought I should get some pictures of the kids on their bikes. Generally, this is a happy occasion. Grant usually loves riding in the bike trailer, and the other kids seem to enjoy the exercise as well, although Brenna gets a little tuckered out on the hill. As you can see- I did not pick the best Grant or Brenna moment to capture in a picture ...

Here is a picture of the Star Wars fans: Seth and cousins Jonah, Mathew and Andrew. They all have good-looking Jedi robes thanks to Grandma Weaver. We had a special "boys night' in honor of Seth's first time watching the original Star Wars movie. I was thinking he was old enough, but after watching it- I am not so sure. I think we will wait a while before letting him watch the next one.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


The last few days before schools started were lots of fun. We spent some time at Kristy's house (Rob's sister) and ate her yummy peaches from her peach tree. Here is a picture of Brenna and cousin Emma in their dress up clothes. I am not sure- princess or super hero?

We had a "company picnic" for the clinic Rob works for. It was very fun with jump houses and face painting, etc. Brenna was so excited about her face painting. She refused to take it of for bed that night so I let her keep it for the next day. It didn't rub off too much.

Brenna started kindergarten this week. She was pretty excited about it. The school is pretty close to our house, so we have been riding our bikes. It has gone pretty well. There is a pretty steep hill right at the end that always gives Brenna some trouble (she usually cries and says "I can't do it!" at that point) But coming home downhill is really fun!

Since Brenna has afternoon kindergarten it has been nice for me to spend some quality time with her and Grant after Seth goes to school in the morning. The past two days we have spent a long while out in the backyard bouncing basketballs, swinging on the swingset, and of course, playing with the cats. I was really hoping Brenna could get in the morning class because she gets pretty tired in the afternoon, but I am secretly excited about the fact that she and Seth will both be at school when Grant takes his nap for the day. That will be a nice time of day expecially after the baby comes.

So I am realizing I need to get some pictures of Seth- I will work on that.

Here are some preliminary pictures of the changes we are making in Rob's office. IT is not done yeat, but hopefully you can see some improvement. We are working on changing the flamingo pink countertops and we need to paint the doors white. We have done some painting (walls and trim) and replaced the carpet. We think it looks so much better!

before (green carpet, pink walls, yellowy trim, mauve blinds)

after (new carpet and paint)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Brenna turns 5

Brenna had her fifth birthday this week. I wanted to have a party for her since we had a big family party for Seth, and I figured it would be a good way to meet some people. So I sent invitations to her primary class, neighbor kids, and of course cousin Emma. I really didn't know who would come, but it turned out well. We had seven girls come, so it was nice. We had a princess theme (sort of). The girls got to decorate crowns, have their picture taken in front of a castle poster, dance like princesses, and eat a crown cake.

Thanks again to Rob's sister Kristy for the great candid photos! I am so glad I turned the camera over to her! Despite getting kindergarten shots the day before, Brenna had a good time and didn't even throw a tantrum once! (Whew!)

Here are lots of photos from her fun day.

(Pin the crown on the princess game)

(It is supposed to be a crown)

opening family presents later in the evening

Sunday, August 3, 2008

My new favorite things

My favorite part of the house:

Rob and I agree that every house should have a pantry!

My favorite part of our backyard:

All of the neighbors my kids play with have these awesome backyards with swingsets, trampolines, basketball courts, etc. Not that I am trying to keep up with the Jones', but I wanted something that would entice the kids to play here, at home, instead of at someone else's house. So I got this swingset yesterday secondhand off Craigslist. It is a little worn, but already has produced the desired effect. The kids play outside, at home, hooray! There were some great deals on trampolines, too, but Rob is picky and wants an Olympic sized rectangular one. So, it is going to be a while before we get one of those. ($$$!)

SO today our Relief Society teacher challenged us to go two weeks using our food storage starting today. (Thanks for the warning!) Luckily I just went to Costco this week, and I have tons of food left over from our family reunion last weekend, so I couldn't really ask for better timing. But honestly, I don't really want to drink powdered milk and go without fresh fruit in the middle of the summer! SO I was thinking of not participating in the challenge and just telling myself that I could do it, I just don't want to. But then Rob said in the men's lesson they were asked to support their wives in this challenge for the next two weeks. Oh great. That means it is a serious challenge. Now my guilt is starting to work on me. I guess I should be obedient and follow my leader's council. So, here we go- two weeks. I can do it! (Kristy- are your peaches ripe yet? :) )

This weekend Rob painted the waiting room of his office. I felt so bad he did it all by himself. I arranged a baby-sitter for Friday night so I could help him, but he was tired after painting all day and so we went to a movie instead. I will wait until the new carpet is in before I post pictures, because although it does look better with new paint, the carpet will really make the difference.