Saturday, September 27, 2008

Harvest Classic Run

Today we participated in our first community event. Several weeks ago Seth came home with a sign-up for a 1 mile run for K-8th graders. Parents were invited to run with their kids. So after consulting with Rob I signed he and Seth up to run. I thought I would wait until next year for Brenna.
So the run was this morning. We were unsure what to expect. We were wondering if there would be just a few people there or a crowd. The race started at the Rec Center in Nampa.

There were lots and lots of people there! It was so much fun! They had doughnuts and bananas and gatorade and frozen yogurt... Every participant got a loaf of bread and a bag of coupons and advertisements. Having never participated in anything resembling a race before I was caught up in the excitement. It was a beautiful fall day.

There were probably 150 people running. Seth ran the whole way with his dad and came in probably the top 30 or 40. It was a neat event to participate in as a family. We are looking forward to next year.

Grant and Brenna cheered on the sidelines

Seth coming in to the finish

Rob at the finish

The runners

After the race I caught up to the runners for an exclusive interview...

Friday, September 26, 2008

Camping out and counting down

Four more weeks until the BIG Day (which so far, with me, has come and gone three times without having the baby.) So maybe I should be saying this instead: Before six more weeks have passed, I will have had my baby. There. That is more realistic.

Actually, I really do not have anything to complain about. I feel great, and so if this boy wants to take his time coming like the rest, that is okay. My one worry is that I really hope he isn't born on Halloween. I think it would be rough to have your birthday on Halloween.

My due date is the 24th and the Primary Program for our ward is the 26th of October. I am a primary teacher now so I have the presidency on edge as to whether or not I will be there. Mostly they are worried because I am singing in a special teacher's musical number. I have assured them that I am positive I will be there. They warned me about jinxing myself- I am okay with that.

All right, enough of the pregnancy talk.

Tonight I am in here by myself because Rob set up the tent in the backyard and is camping out with the kids. They were pretty giggly out there for a while, but things are quiet now. I opted out on this activity (eight months pregnant...). I am so glad Rob is such a fun dad and enjoys doing activities with his children. The kids just adore him and it always warms my heart to hear him say how much he enjoys being with his family. I am so grateful he thinks we are so fun, because everyone knows that he is the real fun person.

I am taking a ten week parenting course taught by Sister Carleen Tanner. It is very inspiring and helps remind me how precious these little souls are that Heavenly Father sent to us. I leave each class feeling motivated to better prepare myself as a mother each day. It has helped me realize what an influence mothers have over the home and how important it is for us to always have the Spirit with us and therefore in our home. I leave each day feeling so grateful that I am a MOTHER. Even though it is hard work and very tiring, it can be a lot of FUN. I love my kids!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Family Times

This week has resulted in the loss of my quiet time every day. Just over a week ago a letter came home from school with Brenna saying that because of the high number of kids in each kindergarten class this year they were hiring a new teacher for the morning. They asked for volunteers to make this move, but said if there were not enough they would take the last to enroll. Now, because we just moved here and were not allowed to enroll until the office opened two weeks before school started, I knew this would probably apply to us. Sure enough, the principal called Tuesday and said Brenna would have to change classes beginning Wednesday. So, poor girl, not only does she move to a different state this summer, she has to change kindergarten teachers AND schedules after three weeks of school! I was not happy. It does not seem fair to the little people. Why did they not hire a new teacher sooner (bureacracy-sigh!). Anyway, she seems to be fine, especially since her new BFF had to change to the new class too (whew!). As for me, I will be fine, but I am lamenting the lost few hours a day when Grant was asleep and Seth and Brenna were at school, which would have been so nice with a new baby.....

Anyway, enough whining. Pregnancy is going well- six more weeks! As most of you know, we have been struggling picking out a name for our third boy. So, Rob came up with an idea, since we sort of have it narrowed down to two. He says if he comes out with white-blond hair and BLUE eyes like our other boys, we will name him Adam, and if he comes out with darker hair and darker eyes that will probably go brown, we will name him Charles, and probably call him Chuck. I think that sounds fun, but it makes me all the more anxious for him to be born! (Feel free to share your opinion on the names.)

I just have a few random pictures this week, so here they are:

Occasionally Grant decides to sleep on the floor instead of his bed. ??

Brenna posing for the camera.

In the time it took me to run upstairs and grab the laundry, Grant did this to the family room. You can't really see it, but there are also Cheerios spilled all over the floor.

Grant's favorite perch...

What a good dad.

Friday, September 5, 2008

BYU fans

This past weekend we went to Utah because my parents were there bringing my youngest sister Heidi to BYU for her Freshman year. How exciting!! We stayed with my sister Sarah and her husband Jeremy. It was fun to see their house for our first time. We were also able to see my Astle aunts and uncles and cousins some of whom haven't seen Rob or the kids for over four years. I love my family! It was a really fun trip despite the horrendous traffic we encountered on the way there and back, due to traffic accidents, and the fact that I left the garment bag with everyone's Sunday clothes in my closet at home.

We arrived late Friday night. Saturday morning we drove to Provo and watched my cousin Katie Astle play in a volleyball game. She plays for Utah State and they were having a tournament at BYU. She is an awesome middle blocker.

Next we went and saw Heidi's dorm room and showed the kids around a little bit. It was fun for Rob and I to walk around BYU campus and remember those fun college days. We also went to the BYU Bookstore and loaded up on BYU attire. Just a word of advice to anyone planning on doing that in the near future: DO NOT attempt it two-hours-before-the-first-football-game-of -the-year-on-the-three-day-weekend-before-school-starts-when-all-students-and-their-alumni-parents-are-in-the-bookstore-trying-to-buy-fan-gear-for-the-game! Trust me- it was crazy in there, but fun.

Monday afternoon we were able to visit with Rob's brother Mark and his wife Chrisitie and their family.

It was a great trip but unfortunately we did not take very many pictures. The only one we got is of Brenna snuggling up to Uncle Jeremy. All of my kids just love Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Sarah.

Seth also got a shirt but is not wearing it here. My plan was to get a picture of the whole fam in our BYU gear, but finally decided that is too difficult to coordinate.

The other good news is that the counter top in Rob's office has been replaced! Yeah! No more salmon colored counters! It looks a lot better if you ask me:



Now I just need to figure out some things to hang on the wall...