Sunday, October 26, 2008

Still Here...

The worst part about being pregnant past my due date is that every time I attend a church function or see anyone from church, they of course make the comment, "You're still here?". Yes, I am still here. Probably will be for a while yet. No I am not feeling contractions.

I would post some pictures of our fun ward Trunk-or-treat last night, but Rob took the camera to work one day and hasn't brought it home yet. :(

We will have to make up for it by taking lots of pictures on Halloween. Will our new addition to the family be here by then? I don't know.

Anyone want to predict the day he will be born?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Annual Pumpkin Patch Night

Every fall we go as a family to a pumpkin patch/farm to get our Halloween pumpkins. This year we weren't sure where to go so we called our good friends the Hammer's (who we knew when they lived in Oregon) and we went together to Linder Farms for family night. It was a lot of fun. There was a hay ride, corn maze, petting zoo, little tractor-pulled "train" ride, and yummy donuts.

It was fun hanging out with our friends, the Hammers. They have three boys and one girl, just as we will soon. Brenna got along great with Maiya, their oldest. I think both girls were just happy to have a fellow person in pink to play with. Seth and Logan, their second oldest, also got along great despite a slight age difference. Grant just had fun running around and pointing at all the pumpkins. Grant found a little tiny pumpkin with a stem right away, and carried it around the whole time everyone else was looking for theirs. As soon as the hay ride took off, however, he chucked it off of the wagon. That boy seriously loves to throw things. Rob picked him up another one later on.

We didn't really get pictures of our pumpkins, but we will once they are carved.

Brenna, Maiya, Logan and Seth

Seth, Maiya, Ethan, and Logan

There were some pretty neat animals. A zebra, a camel, some kind of big ox or cow with a hump on its back...

Logan, Seth, Rob and Grant. we were lucky it was such a pleasantly warm night.

Here are some funny things the kids have said this week. I am sure there was more, but this is what I remember:
Brenna told me, "You and dad are the boss of me a little bit, but Jesus is the boss of me more."

Okay, there was something funny that Grant said, but now I can't remember it. Sorry.

He is pretty funny with the flyswatter lately, though. We have had a lot of flies in the house with doors being left open and such. So Sunday Rob was swatting flies with the flyswatter. Luckily, we have two, so Grant joined in. He actually killed a fly! He was very serious about it, and VERY excited when he got one. He jumped around saying "I did it!" to each one of us several times. Very cute- but you probably had to be there.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Brenna is very excited to be Princess Aurora for Halloween this year. With her own money she bought a tiara, wand and earrings to go with her dress. They matched her purple pajamas so Rob took this cute picture of her.

We have had some cool mornings lately. Seth and I (and usually Grant) get up early each morning so Seth can practice the piano. Seth usually beats me downstairs and turns on the fireplace. One morning I found Seth and Grant like this.

Rob has taken upon himself to make Seth and Grant some bunk beds so that we can fit three boys in one room. He is doing a great job. Thank goodness for power sanders!

The kids have fun riding bikes and scooters outside while dad works on the bed. Yesterday we had four neighbor kids hanging out at our house playing with our kids. It is fun to have so many nice kids close by.

Hopefully I will have some exciting news next post, but who knows...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

General Conference Weekend

Well it is about time I write about last weekend. The kids had Thursday, Friday, and Monday off of school. (Don't ask me- some teacher inservice days or something.) So we thought we would utilize the days off and go and visit grandma and grandpa Weaver. It seems every year there is a big family gathering to watch conference at their house, and we are never there. So this year, we decided since we are so much closer, we would make it. At first it was just going to be our family and Grandma and Grandpa, but then Rob's sister Kristy and family came, and my sister Sarah and her husband Jeremy from Utah, and Rob's brother Mark and family, and his sister Melanie and her roommate. So it was a crowded, fun weekend.

The first couple of days there we had beautiful weather. We went to a park and I got some fun pictures. Friday we went to see Kung Fu Panda. The boys really enjoyed that. Saturday and Sunday were cold and stormy so it was fun to stay inside and watch conference. The kids did pretty well.

Grandma reading a goodnight story to the kids

Grant at the park

I love this picture of Kristy and Kamryn. The bright colors they are wearing fit the beautiful sunny day it was.

Cute Brenna in the tube slide.

At the movie theater. If you look on the left you can see the only picture I took of my sister Sarah and her husband Jeremy the whole weekend! Sorry guys! We love them. Sarah just announced that she is expecting her first baby!! We are so excited for them, although we will miss the help with our kids they always give whenever we are together.

The hit Conference Bingo game that kept the kids listening for the whole two hour session. (Except for when they were arguing about whether or not a word had been said.)

Seth having a good time.

So this week Rob and I got new callings. It is amazing! I have had the same callings for so long, and only get released when I move, it seems, that it was a surprise to get released from one after only a month and a half. I guess it was too good to last to be a primamry teacher, and Rob the permanent primary sub. Rob is now the EQ Secretary (those of you whoe know us well will laugh at that- yep, back in EQ for him!) and I am the new Laurel Advisor. I am very excited for this new challenge. I am sad to leave primary two weeks before our program (I was getting into it) but I know this will be a wonderful calling. I loved the story I heard from the priesthood session of conference about the missionary who thought he could not learn Spanish, but after attending the Japanese language class, quickly changed his tune. I will keep this story in mind as I start this new calling and new baby sort of all at once.