Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Highlights

WARNING! Up ahead: extremely lengthy post with lots of details about Christmas you may not care about unless you are a grandma. Read at your own risk!!

Christmas was such an enjoyable event for me this year. I was so excited to have Kristy and their family over for Christmas Eve dinner. I had in mind the perfect Christmas Eve involving most of my family traditions. Everyone graciously participated and the evening was everything I wanted it to be. Thanks Dirk and Kristy and kids!

We improvised a dining room table in our fun new dining room. The red walls added a fun festive color. Dinner included layered Christmas color jello that just ended up in a blob on the plates- but oh well, it tasted good! Russ, of course, was hungry right when we sat down to eat, so I missed out on some of it, but that was okay.

I love setting a beautiful table, expecially using the Christmas china Rob bought me a couple years ago. Thanks, honey- I love it!! (It only took me half a day of searching through boxes to find my green table cloth my mom gave me a few years ago. It was worth it!)

These pictures are a little out of order, but I am too lazy to correct it. After dinner we gathered around for some musical performances. We heard a trumpet solo by Jonah, and Mathew, Andrew and Seth played their Christmas piano solos. Emma sang a song. Then we read the Christmas account in the Bible, and afterward sang through Christmas carols, religious and fun. No Christmas Eve is complete without Christmas music, right? Rob was sure that the kids wouldn't last very long doing that, but they enjoyed it! Thanks kids for participating! After the sing-a-long, we let the kids open their gifts from the Weaver cousin exchange. Then, the Lish's looked out the window to see a blizzard and decided they had better get home so Santa could come.

Christmas morning:

lining up to see what Santa brought.

See that bleary look on Grant? That is how mom and dad felt. we slept downstairs by the kids rooms Christmas Eve, because the only way for them to get to our room is to walk through the living room and we didn't want them to see the Santa stuff. I don't know if that was the reason or what, but Grant was up all night, and Russ woke up twice as much as normal. Good thing we could just relax on Christmas Day.
So that was our Christmas. We hope yours was every bit as wonderful.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Nine Years

As my sweet husband pointed out, we have been married nine years!! I feel so blessed and lucky to be married to such a wonderful man. He is such a loving husband and father.

I really wanted to scan some pictures of when we were dating and our marriage, but I do not know where they are at this point, because we have moved again! That's right, we have moved nine times in nine years! Just saying that makes me tired. We moved Dec. 12 into our new house. Rob really wanted to get in by the holidays, and at first I thought he was crazy. It just sounded like too much (I mean, come on, Russell is only six weeks old!) But now that we are here, even though not everything is unpacked, I am glad. It will be fun to have Christmas in our new home.

So it has been freezing cold here and very snowy. (Why did I want to move here again? I am seriously questioning that decision :) But the kids discovered our backyard has a great sledding hill into the drainage ditch. They had a lot of fun out there today.

Tonight we decorated our gingerbread houses. This is a fun tradition inspired by Rob's mom and our friends the Hull's. Brenna, Grant, Seth and dad all made one. I was too tired to think hard enough to be creative so I just supervised and made frosting. Grant mostly sat and ate candy. Boy was he hyper afterward- wow!

I overbought on the candy- this is the leftovers! Anyone want to make some gingerbread houses? My sister Wendy sent me this darling outfit her son used to wear. Russ finally fit in it- perfect for Christmas Sunday! Speaking of my sister- I am so happy for her. She just gave birth to a beautiful girl this morning! This makes her third baby. Now we await my sister Sarah's baby in April...
Grant's hair likes to stand up. Rob has been letting it grow in the hopes that it would lie flat, but I don't think it is happening.

Our little Christmas elf... A lady in our ward gave me this outfit. So cute!

So that's our news for the week. I hope all of you reading this will have a very Merry Christmas. And please remember that our home is always open to visitors!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy Anniversary Amy!

OK, so we are coming up on 9 years of marriage. And I'd read a lot of tributes to spouses from a bunch of friends, so I thought I'd better get the word out on how much I love my wife and what a wonderful person she is.
Amy and don't really have a ton of pictures from when we met and dated, but I'll just tell the story and you can imagine the pictures.
I was working at BYU in the HVAC building as an usher. Out of the dozens of doors I could have been stationed at Amy always came to the door I was working at. Amy has a twin sister and I always saw them together and wondered what it would be like to date or even marry a twin. Soon after we'd become acquantances it became quite obvious to me that Amy was a special lady. She had a serious side that I needed, she laughed at some of my jokes, and at least thought I was kinda cute (she told me that I think).

On our second date I could really tell that Amy had had a good upbringing and would probably make one of the best wives/moms anyone could possibly hope and pray for. Looking back I knew she was the girl for me because I couldn't imagine life without her everyday.

Well, somehow I convinced her that we would make a good eternal couple, we got married in the beautiful Oakland Temple, and we moved off to Ohio for dental school. Every day I came to realize how selfless Amy was and what a hard sacrificing worker she was. She was an inspiration for me to work hard and be a better person.
In Ohio our companionship grew by leaps and bounds because we had no family close by. I always knew I could trust and rely on Amy for anything. Ok, this is getting a little long so I'm going to paraphrase a bit. Amy followed me to Ohio, Oregon, and now we ended up in Idaho.
These are some of the resons I love my wife:
1. She makes me breakfast, lunch and dinner - I know, I should help out more, I try, but I know it's her way of showing love to others.
2. She's an excellent cook.
3. She is totally foxy.

4. She is smarter than me.
5. She is very musical and has my favorite singing voice in the whole world.
6. She let's me play soccer every Tuesday night.
7. She is so good with the kids.

8. She's born me three boys and one girl.

9. She is patient with me.

10. She is so kind to my family.
11. She has a wonderful family.
12. She is Strong - she has to be after lugging Grant around (that's Grant below at almost 11 months)

13. I don't have very many pictures of her because she doesn't like the camera. But she is very beautiful and you can see why I married her....so I could have the cutest kids in the world!
I love you so very much Amy. Happy Anniversary on Friday and Thanks you for 9 wonderful happy years, and many more to come!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's all worth it!

I love it when the babies start to smile! Of course, it is hard to capture in a photo, so this is the best I could do.

Grant demonstrates a good smile for the camera.

Monday, December 8, 2008

One Happy Family

This is our best attempt at taking a photo for Christmas cards. Pretty good, I'd say, considering that it was after church with tired and hungry kids. We went to our new house for the photo. I bribed them with candy canes and amazingly enough, they were cooperative. Pretty cute kids, I think. :)

Who needs toys when you can just play with moving boxes?

Isn't that hair just fun?

Russ was getting hungry by this point.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Only in Idaho

Only in Idaho can you get this 6 bedrm, 4 bath beauty on one acre...

for the same monthly payment as this: (our home in Oregon)

That's right- along with everything else going on in our lives the past few months- We JUST BOUGHT A HOUSE!

We are very excited. It was sort of an impulse buy. We were not intending on buying or even looking for a house for at least six more months. But of course I like to keep my eye on the real estate market, and I just happened to find this house that was too good to be true. It was in a short sale and had to go quickly.

We offered on the house Oct. 27, but were told that there was already an offer on it that had been accepted. So we put it out of our minds and focused on our coming baby. Four days after I got home from the hospital with Russell, our realtor called and said the people changed their minds and did not want to buy it, so it was ours if we wanted it. We closed two weeks later. It was such a whirlwind.

The thought of moving again so soon makes me very tired, so I am not sure when we will actually move in. We have to do a few things to the house before we can (like get kitchen appliances).

We are very happy to have found something that we can stay in FOREVER- no more moves!!!! It is what we have always wanted. Lots of room for a growing family and visiting family and other company. A large yard ( it is on one acre and the back is not landscaped so we have some work to do over the years.) Lots of storage space for food storage (full finished basement) and a garage we can actually fit our cars in-horray! We have lots of room so anyone who wants to come and stay, you are welcome! Come and visit!


We had a great Thanksgiving. Rob's parents and his sister Melanie came. We had the big feast at his sister Kristy's. I was very grateful to just show up with my three week old. We blessed Russell on Sunday and then went to Kristy's ward for her son's ordination to the priesthood. In all of the commotion I forgot to take pictures. I just got a few later on in the day.

Some people are really talented- aren't they? This was a gift from Rob's hygienist. If you can't tell, it is made up of diapers. So cute.