Monday, February 16, 2009

Project #1: Basketball Hoop

We completed the first project in our new house. We (as in Rob) put up a baskteball hoop in our driveway. Set is playing on a team right now and so we all have basketball fever. We realized if he is ever going to get better he needs a hoop to practice on. It was a long process of pouring cement, waiting for the weather to clear up so Rob could go out there and work on it, waiting for the cement to dry, assembling the hoop and finally setting it in the ground. It is finally done! I made the first basket and then proceeded to lose a game of HORSE to Rob. Darn. I told him I am not used to shooting baskets with frozen fingers and snow falling around me. (Gotta love Idaho, right?)

A view of "the court"- we actually have more than a half court sized driveway. Rob got on the internet and found out the dimensions.

Cute little babe.
Brenna preparing her Valentine's.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Lost Tooth

I am getting old. I have two children old enough to be losing teeth! Rob pulled Brenna's first loose tooth out last night. It would have never gotten out if he didn't. She was pretty excited once it was all over. The tooth fairy even remembered to come the first night, too!

Modeling her hair cut again. I put a few sponge rollers in her hair overnight- boy did they take!