Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Quirky habit

There seems to be a common trait between some Weaver boy cousins...

Eli Weaver

Sam Weaver
and not do be outdone... Russell Weaver

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The fun continues

I got home from my super weekend Sunday night (see the previous three posts), and the kids and I left Monday morning for California! It was Spring Break so we decided to visit Grandma and Grandpa Astle.

I am so glad to be here! It is sooooooo beautiful! This has to be one of the prettiest places on earth! I just couldn't help but take pictures! I love the green grass! (It is still brown in Idaho) I love all the flowers and greenery everywhere! Apparently we missed all the blossoms because they bloomed a few weeks ago! (sigh- I miss Spring in February!)

Ok, these pictures do not do it justice- you can't see all the flowers in those bushes!

Daisy is so excited to have kids around.

The kids are crazy- they are seriously wanting to go swimming! (It is 60 degrees in the pool)

My dad's beautiful camelia plant. I just love flowers!

My dad and Russ...
and the three other kiddos

It is so nice to be here in the warmth! I think I will go back to Idaho with a tan!
Whew! It took me forever to blog all of that! Now, if you'll excuse me, I am going to go out in the sunshine...

Super Weekend Part III Heaven on Earth

Saturday afternoon we had a rehearsal for the BYU Singers Alumni Choir. The current BYU SIngers had a concert Saturday night, and then all the alumni who came for the reunion joined in for the last three numbers. So, we had to rehearse Saturday afternoon.

I cannot describe how fun that was! It was wonderful to be on the deJong Concert Hall stage again, singing beautiful music under Dr. Staheli's direction. It was neat to look directly across the stage and see some of the guys we used to sing with standing there just as they did years before. Other than the fact that it was extremely hot onstage, especially under the lights, I didn't want the rehearsal to end. It was especially neat to be standing next to Wendy singing again. In fact, Sarah took a picture of us (she was further down in the alto section)

The three of us at the reception after Saturday's concert, again in the Hinckley center.

Wendy and I and some old Singers friends- Rachelle, Joni, and Marni

Of course, the Singers did a superb job on their concert. It was just a little bit of heaven listening to such beautiful music, being able to sing such beautiful music, and seeing my family. Big thanks to Rob and his sister Kristy for watching my other three kids so I could experience this fantastic weekend. I am so grateful I could have the opportunity to sing in this wonderful choir at BYU. I love how Dr. Staheli brings the choir together through beautiful music and our belief in the Gospel, and then strives to share both of those things as we go on tour. I love BYU!

Super Weekend Part II The Baby Shower

Saturday morning we had a baby shower for Sarah at my Aunt Laura's house. It was so fun to be able to attend a shower for one of my sisters. My mom made delicious quiche and Wendy made a delicious coffee cake. My cousin Jessica and aunt Judy made a neat diaper cake. I have so many wonderful aunt's and they all helped with the food. The shower was a great success!

Heidi, Paige, and Sarah

Cousin Jessica

The lady of the hour

Wendy, cousin Katie, and Aunt Laura

Getting ready for the shower at Sarah's house- Heidi, Sarah and mom

Grandma, mom Grandpa, and Russell

Grandma, Wendy (Vanessa), Aunt Bobbi, and Aunt Judy

Wendy, Vanessa, me, Mom, Sarah, Heidi

gift time!

cousins Michelle, Jamie, and Katie

Grandpa and Russ

Super Weekend Part I

I just had the most fun weekend! It was a choir reunion and a sister's reunion all in one! I will have to do several posts to tell about it!

This past weekend was the BYU Singer's Reunion celebrating 25 years of the choir's existence. (Before that it was the a capella choir directed by Dr. Woodward -my mom sang in that choir.) SO, since Wendy and I and my sister Sarah all sang in the BYU Singers, and my sister Heidi is currently attending BYU, it was a sister's reunion as well. Since my mom couldn't bear to miss out on all that fun, she came as well. We all stayed at my sister Sarah's house in Sandy (bless her sweet husband). Sarah is due with her first baby (a boy) in less than four weeks. Here are some pictures of us when I first arrived at her house.

Ok, these are a little out of order. The above picture is of Thursday night when we had dinner with my grandparents. True to form, they had several choices of ice cream for dessert.

My twin sister Wendy and her baby Vanessa, six weeks younger than Russell, pictured with my mom.

Me, Sarah, Wendy, and our cute babes.

It was so fun to see my twin sister again! Since she lives in New Jersey, it does not happen very often.

Friday we met Heidi at the new Cannon Center for lunch (that is a seriously amazing cafeteria- those freshman are eating in style!) then went to the HFAC to listen to her Concert Choir rehearsal. We then headed over to her dorm lobby in Helaman Halls to rehearse a song we sang in Sarah's ward on Sunday. It was a beautiful arrangement of Where Can I Turn for Peace arranged by our friend and Singer's alum Dwight Bigler. It had six-part harmony in some places, so we had to modify it because there were only five of us. I had Jeremy record it, but I am on my mom's computer and can't figure out how to open it, so I will post it later. (I promise, sisters, I will.)

It was gorgeous 70 degree weather in Provo, but because the heaters were still on in all the buildings, we were dying of heat. Here are some pictures of us in the lobby trying to stay cool while we waited for Heidi to get ready for her concert.

This picture was taken at Sarah's house, I believe. Cute little babies!
That night the Singers alumni had a dinner in the Hinckley Center (that is an absolutely gorgeous building, inside and out- I took pictures, but they don't do it justice.) Then, we headed to the HFAC to listen to the Concert Choir concert. My youngest sister Heidi performed in that. She is in Concert Choir as a freshman- woohoo! The concert was absolutely gorgeous. I was afraid I would fall asleep during it because that is usually what happens to me when I sit still for any length of time in the evening, but they sang so well and sang such beautiful music that I couldn't miss any of it. After the concert we went back to the Hinckley Center for dessert and a slide show of the last 25 years of BYU Singers tours. Some of the those tour outfits in the 80's were a little scary. :)

The Hinckley Center
Heidi, me and a sleepy Russ

Dinner at the Hinckley Center

Inside the Hinckley Center

My grandparents, Jeremy, Sarah, Heidi, and my mom and I after the Concert Choir concert

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Basketball and company

I apologize for not posting for so long. I have thought about it, and planned posts in my head, but have not had a moment to sit down and do it. So, here goes...

I am just going to post some pictures of the kids and what we have been doing lately. There has not been a whole lot going on other than basketball. Seth played on a team for the first time this year and really enjoyed it. Last weekend we had the end of the season party at our house. It was a noisy, wild time.

Russ continues to grow and is a sweetie-pie. He is now rolling over. I was excited to find an exersaucer for $20 on craigslist this week. Grant enjoyed the one my friend let me borrow when he was little so I wanted to get one for Russ. SOmetimes he gets tired of being on the floor, and since he is #4, I can't hold him all the time. He is not sure if he likes it yet.

Rob's cousin Kurt, his wife Michelle, and their baby Allie came to Seth's last basketball game. Kurt plays basketball for the College of Idaho and we have gone to several of his games. It was so nice of them to come and support Seth. We got a picture of Russ and their baby. Although their due dates were over a month apart, they ended up being born two weeks apart. They are cute.
we didn't get a lot of photos of Seth's last game. We took more video.
Getting his basketball shoes on.
Two goofballs at the game.

We have welcomed our first guest into our home. Yay! Rob's uncle Layne came this weekend to watch the State High School basketball tournament. We got our bonus/guest room somewhat ready so he could have a place to stay. Many of you have plans to come and see us also, and we are looking forward to that. Just to entice the rest of you, here is the spot we have for you to stay, if you decide to come...

Our bonus room is hidden away from the rest of the house that most people don't even realize it is there. See the little hallway behind the table. If you got to the right, there is a door to the garage, but if you turn left...

and go around the corner...

and up the stairs, you come to the little "guest suite."

It now has a bed, and a bathroom-I couldn't quite capture everything, but there is a sink, shower, and toilet.
And, if you want to bring along a mini-fridge, you can whip up some martinis at the wet bar (no, wait, not a good idea... how about rootbeer floats)

So come and visit us, we are ready for you!