Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Yard Work and Family Reunion

Rob turned 33 this week. I made him a lemon cake which he loves. We were in Utah for a reunion on his birthday, but we celebrated when we got back.

Memorial Weekend we went to SLC for my Grandparents Astle Reunion. It was so much fun to see everyone. I haven't been to one in five years, and they have one every year. It was nice to live close enough to make the trip this year.
Saturday we went to Lagoon and had a blast. Here are my dad, mom, and sister Heidi with some of my kids. Seth liked hanging out with my cousins his age ( I know, that is kind of weird.) He went on the fast roller coasters with them. Brenna and Grant had a good time in Kiddieland. My parents helped out so Rob and I could snatch a few fun rides together as well.

Grant was not too brave but he insisted on going on this ride after he saw Rob and Seth do it. I don't think he enjoyed it. It is the one that takes you up high and drops you.

Seth with my mom.

My Aunt Bobbi kindly took Brenna on some rides. She was very patient when Brenna discovered she didn't really like the ride she was on.

My dad, sister Heidi, and Russ.

Sunday we learned some interesting trivia about our ancestors and then went and cleaned their graves and placed flowers.

On Monday we went to a campground in the canyon and hung out all day. We had to leave that afternoon so we could get back. We had volleyball, hiking, card games, yummy food, and of course, great company.
Here are Sarah and Jeremy and their new bundle Baby Eli. Wait a minute- I just realized this is the only picture I took of him and you can't even see him!! Okay, Rob assured me that he took some pictures on his cell phone. Whew! I was worried there for a second. Anyway, he is so cute- 4 weeks old. When I can get Rob to download his picture on the computer, I will put them up.

My grandma and Russ.
It isn't an Astle family get-together without the M&M's.

Rob enjoying himself.

Seth and my cousins Emilee and Kelsea.

My cousin Brady and Russ.

Some of the clan.

Brenna and Grant had fun in the sand with Kylie, Annie, and Jaycie.

We have been getting some landscaping done in our backyard. We had our patio extended. So here are some pictures of the prep, the framing, and the finished product. It is going to be so nice to have!

Just today we had several more trees planted. I tried to get some pictures, but the sun was in just the wrong spot. It really changed the way the yard looks. Now we just need sprinklers and grass, but that will have to wait until we save up some more money.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Russ is just too cute. He loves to quietly observe everything going on. He also loves being a part of the family and sitting in his high chair with us while we eat.

Rob installed some rings in our toy/exercise room. Grant has a lot of fun on them. I was impressed by his strength to hold himself in this position. I kept waiting for him to slip and do the splits, but he didn't.

So last week I turned 30! Happy birthday to me, I guess. I had a hard time getting used to the idea of being 30, but look at the cute kids I have to show for it! (You are all going to look only at the cute kids and not at the messy table, right?)

Grant's birthday is exactly one week after mine, so Friday we celebrated him turning three! He was pretty excited about it all day, especially his presents. Lately, when we take pictures and ask him to smile, he does this funny squinty eye-forced smile thing. I guess it is still pretty cute,

Seth had a baseball game that night, so here is Grant at the ballpark showing off the new clothes he got from Grandma Weaver for his birthday. What a stud.

When we got home from the game he got to open one last present from Grandma and Grandpa Astle.

My sister Heidi picked out this fun-filled gift. A noise-making guitar. It was a big hit with all the kids, including Rob. Be prepared, Heidi- someday when you have a child, I will get the loudest, noisiest toy for your house don't you fear. :)

Grant has been very proud of the fact that he was two years old and could show you with his fingers. Unfortunately he still wants to be two and gets upset when anyone tries to tell him he is now three. It's okay, Grant, you still act like a terrible two sometimes, even though you look like you are four.

By demand, a picture of the new beast at our house.

On one side of our play room the kids can play while on the other side...

Rob and I can get into shape! Rob got me the TV for my birthday so I can do my exercise videos downstairs with Grant while he is playing. Pilates and Tae Bo are my friends while I am trying to lose this baby weight. (I am almost there!!) Thanks honey! I am spoiled, but happy.

Two May birthdays down, one more to go. It is Rob's birthday on Sunday, the 24th. Happy Birthday in advance, honey!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

To my wonderful mom and mom-in-law. We love you!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Rob and Seth went shopping the other night and came home with those beautiful flowers for me- how sweet!

Russ says, "Ooh, look at that camera! I want to grab that!"
Rob accidentally took this picture, but the timing couldn't have been better!

Russ with his dad.

"Ooh, I really want to grab that camera..."

This week we took a big first step toward landscaping our backyard and had a couple guys come and do a roughgrade. Good-bye weeds, hello dirt. (At least the weeds were green...)

Grant stayed at this post most of the day watching the bulldozers.

Oops! Okay- sorry, I forgot to rotate this picture and as it is getting late I am not going to do it over. Anyway- Russ sitting up like a champ.

Oh, and some other news is that we are no longer owners of a Toyota Tercel. That is right, we finally upgraded Rob's car. He is the proud owner of a Toyota Tundra (his manhood is now complete) and both vehicles we now own were made in the current century. I know, it is a shocker. He loves his truck.