Tuesday, August 25, 2009


School started today! I was a little nervous for the kids because they are starting a new school this year. When we moved in December last year we moved to a different school boundary, but since it was the middle of the year, I continued taking them to the original school. So it was a new school today, and to make it worse, they only knew two kids going to the school- our neighbors. Everyone else from our church ward goes to a different school than our street.

There was a "meet the teacher" night last night at the school. So we took the kids and found their classrooms and met their teachers. Grant kept asking where his class was, and where his school supplies were. He really wanted to go to school with Seth and Brenna today.

Seth and Brenna are both playing soccer this fall. I am glad because it will be a good way to meet friends from school.

So watch out first and third grade! Here they come!

Another trip

I thought I was done traveling for the summer. I wanted to be done. I was tired. Russ has not slept well during his vacations this summer. So why did I pack up the kids by myself and go to eastern Idaho for three days? I am not sure. Maybe it was the fact that swimming lessons were over and we had nothing to do the last week before school started. Maybe it was the fact that my neighbor, whose kids play everyday with my kids, was going to Idaho Falls the same time. Maybe it was because as soon as I said I was thinking about going, my husband packed the car and sent me on my way. But whatever the reason, I am glad I did. We had a good time.

Rob's parents rented a cabin in Island Park, which is about 20minutes away from West Yellowstone (which is a tiny tourist town). The main highlight of the trip was seeing some musicals performed at the Playmill theater there. We also saw a movie about Yellowstone at the IMAX theater.

Rob's brother Mike and his family were there as well. I am glad they let us crash their party.

Here is Brenna and her cousin Faith at the IMAX theater.
Grace, Melanie, Grant, Seth, and Eli at the IMAX.

Russ and I.

During the pre-show at the Playmill, the actors sang songs. This young lady grabbed Seth from the audience and sang a love song to him on the stage. He was quite embarrassed.

In the back of the cabin was an awesome zip-line. It was the perfect size for Grant and he had so much fun doing it over and over again.

One day we went to this place called Big Springs and fed the fish under the bridge.

Seth got a slingshot for his souvenir and he enjoyed trying it out. Here he is with his aunt Melanie.

We left our home last Sunday (the 16th) after church and drove home from Island Park Thursday. Friday afternoon we went to our ward campout and Saturday night we had a party at our house with our friends from the ward we were in when we first moved to Idaho.
So I guess you could say we squeezed every last bit of fun out of our summer. School started today so now it's back to work for us. I am kind of glad- I could use a break from vacations (just kidding.)
Thanks Dave and Jeanette for the fun time! Seth and Brenna both said their favorite play was The Secret Garden over Footloose. I guess they weren't bored through it afterall.

Who will help me plant the wheat...

When we planted our garden this year Seth adamantly insisted on planting wheat. We had been watching "Little House on the Prairie" as a family and he wanted to grow wheat like Charles Ingalls and sell it for money. We had to gently break it to him that he wouldn't get anyone interested in buying such a small amount of wheat.

He planted half a row and it grew nicely. We decided to harvest it and see how much we got. So, Rob cut it down, and then we pounded (thrashed) it to get the wheat separated from the chaff. Then we put it in a sheet and tossed it up in the air to separate it even more. (The heavier wheat falls down and the lighter stuff blows away- pretty cool!)

When we were all done we had a grand total of 2 cups of wheat.

Once I ground it I had 3 cups of flour. Almost enough for one loaf of bread. And it only took us 1 1/2 hours of harvesting. :)

I think I will keep buying my wheat from the cannery.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Out of order

So the next several posts are out of order. I saved each one and published them in the order I wanted, but the didn't post in that order. So, if you want them to make any sense, please scroll down to the post titled "Our Utah Trip" and start from there and work up.



Brenna's birthday

It was fun having Grace here. It added another girl and Brenna was in heaven! I decided to put curlers in their hair Saturday night. They were very cute about it. Grant felt a little left out. Now I have an understanding of Eli's world (Grace's only brother. He has 5 sisters.)

Showing off the side view. (Even Grant)

We have had a party the last few weeks. The day after Seth's baptism we decided to celebrate Brenna's birthday since it fell later in the week when all the family would be gone. So I made a cake and let her open her presents from her grandparents on Sunday.

Here she is with my sister Heidi who came into town on Sunday.

She turned six!

On Wednesday, her actual birthday, we had Kristy and her family over and had yet another birthday celebration. (I don't know how Seth and Brenna both lucked out with two celebrations each this year!!)

Whew! I am done catching up! Does anyone else feel like you have to recover from vacation? And school starts in less than two weeks! Yikes!

Seth's baptism

We got home from Utah Thursday afternoon and my family came into town Friday night. My sister Sarah and her family came as well as my parents for Seth's pabtism on Saturday. Rob's parents came on Saturday and of course Kristy and her family were there. We were lucky enough to bring our 11 year old niece Grace home with us from Utah. Sarah and Jeremy took her home. It was fun having here here. She is a super helper!

Here is the handsome man of the moment. I was so proud of Seth. I know he understands the gospel and loves his Heavenly Father. I am so glad he made the choice to be baptized.

My parents and Seth.

Rob's parents and Seth.

The cousins.

This was too cute of Kamryn and Grant.

Utah Trip Part 3: Lagoon and Temple Open House

Tuesday we went to Lagoon- our second time this summer. It was lots of fun. This time we spent some time at Lagoona Beach (the water area) which was very refreshing in the heat.

At one point in the afternoon it was so hot Brenna and Grant played in the water fountain. Brenna just stood right in the middle and got soaked.

Wednesday morning we went to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple Open House. It was my first time at a temple open house. It was so beautiful!! I am so glad my children got to see it.

Here are the kids riding the cart from the parking lot to the temple.

Isn't it beautiful?

Our Utah Trip Part 2

For Rob's reunion we all stayed at his brother Mike's house. With somewhere around 27 people there, it was a crowd, but it did not feel like it! It was such a fun visit. Mike and Tami are wonderful hosts and we had a great time!

We were there on Seth's actual birthday (Sunday) so I made him a cake and he opened his presents there. Lucky guy! He turned eight!

Here I am holding my newest niece Glory. She is a cutie. I must say there is a special place in my heart for little babies. I just love them!!

Monday we went on a hike/walk around Silver Lake. It was very beautiful! We had a picnic lunch afterward. Here is Russ enjoying the ride on dad's back.

Russ is so anxious to see everything that he was constantly hanging over the side of the backpack trying to get a better view.

The group.

Grant loved the ducks. Before we wet out on the walk Grandma Weaver gave all the kids a small pack of trail mix. All the kids would rush over to the ducks and start feeding them their peanuts. Grant was always trailing a little behind and so by the time he got there and vigorously began feeding the ducks, they had already found out that they don't like peanuts and so weren't interested. Grant was a little disappointed.

Our Utah Trip

We went to Utah for Rob's family reunion. I know, Rob is from Idaho, but this year we had the reunion at his brother's house in Draper.

We headed down a couple of days early so we could see some of my family as well. On the way in we stopped at Temple Square and showed the kids around a little.

This is on the roof of the Conference Center. It was so neat up there!

Grant got a little worn out. It was easier to carry Russ than to carry Grant, so Grant got a ride in the stroller.

We stayed at my sister Sarah's house in Sandy fo a couple of nights. Here is Sarah, her husband Jeremy, and their son Eli. They are so sweet to always house visitors. They call their place Hotel Nowland.

It seems that every year Seth's birthday falls during a family get-together. Sure enough, this year it did again. In order to celebrate away from home we invited all family to go swimming at a very nice pool in Sandy. Here is Russ enjoying the water.

Sarah, Jeremy, and Eli. This was Eli's first time in the water, and he got used to it.

That night we went to my grandparents house along with most of my aunts and uncles and cousins that live in the area. My aunt Judy was so sweet and made Seth a birthday cake. Here he is with my cousin Kelsey.