Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Our ward did a costume exchange for Halloween. For people like me that don't sew costumes, this was a blessing! I borrowed this darling Buzz Lightyear costume for Grant. He likes it!
Rob has (almost) finished the bunk beds. Remember that post a year ago about them? Well, they are now sanded, stained, and moved in to the house. (Rob just had to take them apart a little.) They are very fun and the boys love them! They look great- good job Rob!
I think I may have included this picture on the last post, but it is the latest I could find of Russ with his hair. Rob finally cut his hair (it is very difficult to cut a baby's hair- they don't hold still) and I didn't get a "before" photo- this will have to do. At first I wasn't sure I liked his hair cut- he looked so different!

He is still pretty cute, though. His hair was starting to look like a shaggy teenage boy's. Now it is nice and trim.

Last Thursday we went to see my cousin's volleyball game. She plays for Utah State and they were playing Boise State. I brought the camera and got pictures of us during the game, but unfortunately forgot to get a picture of Katie. She is such a sweet girl. It was great seeing her and taking her out for ice cream.

I have been really bad at taking pictures lately. I bring my camera and then I don't take any pictures. For instance, last weekend my mom came to visit and I didn't take one picture. I am lame. Of course, I was quite sick so I guess I sort of have an excuse. We had so much fun with my mom and she waited on me all day long. Thanks for coming mom!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Redneck Baseball

What's that? You don't know how to play?

Well, let me explain, since we are now experts.

Redneck baseball is played in the fall, after harvest is over, and you need to clean up your garden. You get your whole family out pulling up the now-dead plants. Your husband even grabs a shovel because, honestly, those tomato vines can be stubborn. As you work, you come across hidden squash that did not get picked because they were unseen in the jungle of weeds or they just didn't get picked because no one wanted to eat them. Your husband (because he is a boy, after all) realizes that he is holding a long stick-like thing (the shovel) and decides that it should really connect with the old squash (I mean, come on, it's the only manly thing to do) and commences to swing the shovel like a baseball bat and connects with the squash. You can imagine what comes next.


The squash is squashed.

Uncontrollable giggling from all bystanders.


Eventually he finds a stake that is much lighter to swing than a shovel, and I start "pitching". Squash, tomatoes, you name it. Then he insists that I take a turn because he figures that if he can get ME to participate, then it is not so rediculous. What the heck, I take a turn.

And that is how redneck baseball was played at our house this week.

Leave it to my hubby to turn a chore into a game.

You know what? I have a feeling we will be playing it again next year.

I apologize to any cars that were driving on the road behind our fence that got tomato juice sprayed on their car. Sorry about that.

Rob and Russ relaxing after a long days work.

Saturday Rob taught Brenna how to ride her bike without training wheels. Actually, she didn't need much help. She pretty much did it fine the first time. She did need a lot of encouragement, though. I guess I forgot to take still photos, I just took video. So here is a video (1:10) of Brenna riding her bike and it gives a nice little tour of our street as well. Sorry if it is a little choppy- I had to keep up with her. I also don't know if we say anything embarassing because our speakers aren't working, so let me know, all right?

'Till later...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Catching Up


My camera was lost and then it was out of batteries and then I was out of town sooooo

Here is some catching up...

I actually don't remember taking these pictures- but they are cute!

The kids and I did the Harvest Classic Run. It is 1 mile. Rob and Seth did it last year, but this year Rob worked that Saturday.I was planning on pushing Grant and Russ in our bike stroller so I could run it, but I ended up not arriving in time to put it together, so I had to walk behind the other kids with Grant.

Isn't that an awesome porta-potty?

Brenna and Seth are playing soccer this year. At first we thought we should not have put Brenna in because she seemed to have no interest in it. But, as the season has gone on she has improved greatly.

Seth has also improved a lot. He is on a great team with a great coach. He is not afraid to go after the ball.

Seth and Rob-Rob is assistant coach for Seth's team and head coach for Brenna's. Sorry about the poor quality pictures- it is hard to take pictures when two munchkins are wiggling around on my lap, and the target of the pictures keep moving :)

Last week we went to Idaho Falls for Rob's dad's 60th birthday party. It was a surprise and a successful one at that. I don't have any pictures because while I packed the camera and the batteries, I forgot to bring both in to the party. But Rob took some on his phone, which is the same as not having any because I never get them off of his phone. Rob- maybe you can post some pictures okay??
I hope this fall season finds all of you well and happy!