Tuesday, November 10, 2009

First Birthday

Hello friends and family. It was my first birthday on Friday. It is hard to believe that I have gone from this:

to this in just one year.
I wasn't feeling very good on my birthday. I was very tired and just wanted to go to bed when my mom gave me this cake.
In fact, I poked my finger in it a couple times but that is about it. My aunt Kristy tried to put some bites in my mouth but I did not want anything to do with it. I am feeling much better now, though, so I bet if you tried it again I would devour it! Please, mom, will you give me some more cake?
I was really interested in my presents. (I am interested in everything.)
I didn't get too much opportunity to play with them, though, because my siblings and cousins rushed in and took over.

My brother Grant, after some prodding, did send the moveable truck toy back towards me.
But it moved really fast and I was scared of it and started crying.
I am glad everyone had fun at my birthday party because to me it was noisy and stressful and I just wanted to go to bed. I am feeling much better now, though.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


What fun! I am sure no one wants to think about Halloween (I mean, it was sooo last week). But, I am slow to blog, so here we go. First off, a picture with our friends from Oregon. They called one Sunday and said they were nearby for a baby blessing and they wanted to stop in. It was so fun seeing them again! They had a new addition I had not known about! Three boys and a girl- we seem to know a lot of people with that ratio of kids. Thanks for visiting us, Johnsons! It seemed to me our Halloween festivities lasted a week. First off we planned on going to the pumpkin patch for Family Night on Monday. As soon as we got out of the car -coats and hats on and baby in the stroller- a huge rainstorm hit with extreme wind. Wind combined with dirt and straw is not too fun, so we quickly piled right back in the car and went home. Good thing we grew our own pumpkins this year.

Friday the kids did not have school so we had a Halloween party for Seth and Brenna and their friends. Between friends from last year, friends from this school, friends from church and cousins we ended up with quite the crowd. We all had a good time, though. Here is a peek at the partiers. We had lots of activities during the party. One of them was dancing/moving to some of the songs from the WEE Sing for Halloween CD. (That is a great CD!)
Grant was a bit overwhelmed throughout the party and wouldn't participate in the games. He just stood there looking like this:
Another game was the mummy wrap...

The cutest cowbaby ever (Russ sporting one of the kid's hats) A finished mummy! Seth is on the left, then his friends Tyson and Julianna.
Brenna wasn't too happy about being the mummy for her group, but she got over it. From the left there is Brenna's cousin Emma, Brenna, friends Ainsley and Avery.
Another game was pumpkin bowling. This was a hit. Brenna is reacting after bowling a spike. (What will we do when we get furniture in that room?)
We also decorated cupcakes and cookies. That night after the party we carved pumpkins with Kristy and her kids. Rob was the hero and hollowed out most of the pumpkins.
Seth requested the biggest pumpkin we grew for his jack-o-lantern.
Grant became very attached to his.
Brenna carved hearts and butterflies on the side of hers. (I don't think they are visible in the photo.)
From the left: Andrew, Seth, Mathew, Jonah, Kamryn, Grant
Brenna, Emma and Kamryn.
I decorated these leftover party cookies for the Halloween recital at our house the next morning. Besides Seth and Brenna I now have two other students. Kristy and I both had our students participate in the recital at my house Saturday morning. A larger crowd than we expected showed up so unfortunately some people had to stand. I felt bad, but at least it wasn't too long. This was Brenna's first recital and she did great!

Trick-or-treat! Halloween night we decided to go to our old neighborhood for trick-or-treating.

Russ was a cute Tiger. Brenna was a cat.

Seth was a pirate and Grant Buzz Lightyear.

I thought this was so cute. Brenna was outside waiting to go and Russ was peering at her through the window. He was giggling and squealing with delight.

Russ turns one on Friday!!! He is starting to walk a little. He really enjoys walking from Rob to me and back. He does not attempt walking other than that. He was doing really well Sunday until we got out the camera. Then he just wanted to crawl because he wanted to get it and that is his fastest mode of travel. I finally got him to take a few steps on camera. So here is a short video of the Russ-man taking his first few steps.

I hope you all had a great Halloween.