Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Finally- Christmas pictures!

Here is the pre-Christmas Eve Celebration photo. Notice I am still in my apron. It was a long but fun day in the kitchen, and worth it....
The table(actually 3 put together)...and a few excited kids.

Seth made that centerpiece for me at school. He also made the little place cards so everyone knew their assigned seat at the table.

Getting ready for the feast. We had Rob's sister and her family over. Her husband works for UPS so Christmas Eve can be a late night of work for him. Luckily he walked in right as we were ready to eat.

After dinner we sang some Christmas carols.

Christmas Morning

Here are the kids with their Christmas morning spread. Rob and I try not to overdo it each year, but it seems by the time they open cousin and grandparent gifts they are pretty spoiled.

Russell was the only one who didn't get too much for Christmas. Here you can see him in the corner playing with an empty milk carton!

Christmas day was spent eating yummy peppermint rolls wreaths and doing our puzzles and crafts that everyone got for Christmas. We had fun just being together.
For New Year's we at the last minute decided to go to Rob's parents. We had a good time but forgot our camera.
I don't know why it has taken me so long to want to sit down and post about Christmas. I think I was overwhelmed. I guess I didn't need to be because we hardly took any pictures to blog about anyway.
Hope all of you have a great 2010.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I finally sat down to blog tonight.

I can't find the cord that plugs into the camera and computer so I can download my pictures.

I have searched and searched.

I didn't put it anywhere and unfortunately Rob is not here so I cannot ask him if he moved it.

So- sorry- no pictures tonight. I hardly have any anyway, and they are all of Christmas which is getting further and further in the past as we speak.

We had a wonderful one! I just love relaxing at home with no schedule. The kids were happily content playing with their new things. I always enjoy the time to just stay home and be together as a family. We play games and interact more than when we have a schedule to keep.

Now it is back to routine. Cold, dreary January- bleh.

Hurry up Spring!