Monday, March 22, 2010


Here are some more cute pictures of the kids:
Russ is at the stage where he gets into everything. He loves getting into the cupboards, and sometimes, he literally gets into them.

One day he was sitting in this laundry basket as a chair. He even leaned back and relaxed and it fit him just right he didn't even tip over.

He also loves wearing other people's shoes.

Brenna achieved her "Accelerated Reader" points to earn her first grade medal last week. She was very excited. Of course I forgot my camera at the school assembly so we took a shot when she got home. I should have taken a picture of her teeth because she is now missing her two front teeth. She looks pretty darn cute with them out, too.

Grant and Russ really enjoy watching whatever is in the oven baking. This picture was taken on our weekly Friday night Pizza night.

Spring is here and I am so excited! I planted these tulip bulbs in the fall and am ecstatic that they are blooming. In fact, the kids and I are headed to CA to visit my parents for Spring Break and I am so excited tog o, except for the fact that my tulips are going to bloom while I am gone. (Just a few of them have bloomed already.)

Here are some Hyacinths that I also planted in the fall. I love flowers! Yay for Spring!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Random sampler

Cool shades, Russ!
Grant had to join in the fun.
Two cute brothers.

Russ was "helping" the kids dry the floors during Saturday chores...

Brenna looks like an official first-grader: minus a front tooth!

Starting them young...