Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Yard Work

Rob spent a lot of time last weekend on this:

His nice assistant let him borrow their tractor. He is leveling our backyard so we can plant grass. It is taking a lot longer than I thought it would. I am not sure why I had an opinion on the subject- what do I know about "tractoring?" (do you like my new verb?)

I apologize for the crooked pictures. Do you realize it is very difficult to keep two little boys out of the way of a tractor?

Russ had a great time looking out the window. In fact, this is one of his favorite perches. He dumps the toys out of his toy bin and then turns it over and stands on it so he can see out the window. Usually nothing much is going on out there. This week he got to watch a tractor!

He is looking upset because as soon as I brought out the camera he got down and tried to grab it. I put him back up there so I could take a picture but that just earned me the "evil eyebrow."

I love spring! All of the flowers and blossoms make me so happy! Hooray!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Time to Catch Up

These first pics are of the kids trying out their funny faces.

I have procrastinated this post because I knew it would take me forever.
This post concerns what we did over Spring Break. The kids had a week and a half so we traveled. First we went to Utah and stayed with my wonderful sister Sarah. My mom flew in as well and we attended my sister Heidi's University Singers concert at BYU. It was so wonderful to hear the choir live in the DeJong Concert Hall once again. I was in heaven. It was also neat because I was able to bring Seth to the concert. He really enjoyed it, especially the lighter pieces. It was a great program for him because it featured English songs throughout history- so he could understand the words.
My sister Heidi looked so beautiful that night.

The day after the concert we drove to CA to visit my parents. My mom drove with me and the kids. That was very helpful and it was fun to have her to talk to on the way.

Unfortunately I downloaded some of these pictures out of order. So these next few pictures were taken in CA at a playground.

During our week in CA we did various activities to keep the kids occupied. They were planning on swimming since last year during Spring Break the weather was so warm. This year, however, was a little cooler and rainy. That is okay, we still had a great time. And it snowed in ID while we were in CA so we came out ahead.

One day we went to the Sacramento Railroad Museum. These pictures were taken there.

Another day we went to Fairy Tale Town. It is a fun place for young kids in Sacramento that is based on nursery rhymes and fairy tales. For example, this is a slide built into the shoe the old woman lived in. They have a path for the "crooked mile", some live animals to represent the Three Billy Goats Gruff, Eyore and Peter Cottontail. They have a pumpkin coach and horses to represent Cinderella's carriage. The kids have a great time climbing on the figures or sliding down the slides.

Russ liked to give this "eyebrow" look during our vacation.

I thought this was just adorable and perfect for my four kids.
Now we are back to UT. This picture was taken at my sister Sarah's house.
Sarah and her cute baby Eli, my Grandma Astle, and Russ and I.
Same as above except with my mom instead of Grandma.

I was a bit nervous about bringing my four kids to Sarah's house so I brought some games for them to play. It turns out that all of them had a great time playing with Eli's toys. In fact, just today Seth and Brenna were singing one of the songs, word for word, that Eli's toys played.
Russ had a different interpretation of play for this toy. Turn it over and sit on it. Very creative.
Now we are back to my parent's home in CA. This was after church on Sunday. My parents church starts at 8:30. That combined with being an hour earlier than ID made for an early morning. But we made it. :)
My dad and Russ. My poor dad was so busy the whole time we were on account of tax season and he serves as bishop(like a pastor) of his ward(congregation). We did not see him much. Luckily, Easter Sunday he was able to be home all day because it was General Conference(the bi-annual meeting when the prophet and leaders of our church speak to the members) so he did not have his usual Sunday meetings. We were able to stay home and watch it on TV. It was a great Easter.

After our visit to Fairy-Tale Town we continued on to Modesto to visit my Grandma Stephens. She is so cute! She was so excited to see us. She lives in an assisted living place and has her piano in the library. (She is the lady who started the great legacy of music in our family). Seth, Brenna and I all played the piano for her.

This is us coloring Easter eggs Friday night. Rob flew in that night for the weekend. It was great to have him there.

Saturday morning we had an Easter Egg hunt for the kids in the backyard.

Well, it was a little disjointed, but there it was, our Spring Break. We drove back home on Monday after Easter. It was so nice to visit my family. It was wonderful to listen General Conference and be reminded and inspired to be better. I am always so touched by the beautiful music provided by the choirs during the sessions and this time was no exception.

Now that we are back we are full swing into the end of the year goings-on. We have soccer, children's choir, piano, dance, and scouts. We are also trying to squeeze in some yard work here and there. We had beautiful weather this weekend so that helped. We are getting the yard ready to plant grass. Rob's assistant has a tractor and lent it to him so he is leveling this week. It will be exciting!