Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Father and Sons and Birthday Dad!

Our stake had a Father-Son campout on Friday night. This is the first time we have lived anywhere where they did this. Seth was so excited. Rob was not and here is why: He did not get home from Spokane until 7:10pm Friday night and the campout was over an hour away. He rallied his courage however and took Seth and Grant anyway. They were back by 9:30 the next morning because it poured rain and began to snow! Poor guys! It was so cold last weekend! The record was broken here in the valley for both cold and precipitation!

Poor Brenna and I as well! We had a fun "Girl's Night" planned but couldn't get it started until the boys left! Then, we had a fun morning planned but Brenna slept in so long as a result of our late night start, that the boys were home right after she woke up!

A friend's sister was in town who is talented at doing nails so I had her come and do our nails for our girls night. Brenna was so excited she was jumping up and down. I was a bit nervous at someone else looking at my feet but rallied my courage as well. :)

Brenna's were so cute! She chose a pattern of polka dots with pink background on her toes, and the same with a purple background on her fingernails. I got a french style with a flower; toes only.

Sunday night Rob's parents and sister Melanie came for a visit. Rob's birthday was on Monday so we celebrated by going out to lunch with his family (including his sister and family who live here) and having dinner at our house that night. All went well for the festivities except for the fact that the moment dinner was ready to eat, we discovered our basement drains were backing up! That took some time to clean up/solve/stress over, so by the time we were through dinner was cold. We figured out the problem, though, and there was minimal damage. It could have been much worse.

Here is the birthday boy; 34 years old!

Do you see that hat Kami is wearing? That's right- it say "Happy Birthday Brenna." Since Seth and Brenna have birthdays in the summer, their teachers wanted to let them have a day to celebrate their birthday in class. So I was expected to bring treats for the class. So that makes five out of six birthday celebrations for our family in the month of May. :)

I surprised Rob with a new computer chair for his birthday. He had a lot of helpers helping him put it together.

Some cute pics of Russ I had to include:

Grandpa pushed Russ and Grant around in the empty box:

Trying out the new chair!

I made Rob a Lemon-Berry Trifle for his birthday dessert. IT WAS SOOOOOO GOOD! I found the recipe from Rob's cousin's AMAZING cooking blog. If you would like to see more delicious recipes check it out at:
http://www.melskitchencafe.com/ Actually, it started out as a blog- now she has more of a website. But, I promise, it will not disappoint. Thank you, Mel, for a delicious dessert! And thank you, Wal-Mart, for a very inexpensive trifle dish! This was a labor of love, but well worth it. We cleaned up every last drop of it.

It was 'lick-the-plate' good!

Don't you wish you had some, too?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Grant

Grant turned four on Saturday!
Here he is at birth...

one year...

2 years
3 years

and four years.
Okay- sorry about the poor quality pictures. Our camera had been MIA for a week (lost in the depths of the diaper bag) so these were taken on Rob's phone.

He remembered his Blue's Clues cake from a couple of years ago and wanted another one. I just went for the paw print this time. He picked out chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. I don't think it looks that great but he and I had fun decorating it.

Please excuse the wrapping paper and vacuum on the floor in the background!

We had a fun day. They had a parade honoring our military and country that we went to. The kids got tons of candy.

Grant wasn't too sure he wanted to go at first.

That evening we went and saw Rob's sister Melanie and her Institute Choir perform a show. It was fun to see her.

Grant is my little buddy. He likes to help me in the kitchen and watch me change Russ's diapers. Every single time he says, "Ooh, mom, poop is gross." I hope he outgrows the phase of disliking whatever I make for dinner because it is getting really old. Before he even knows what we are having he starts whining. We tell him he doesn't have to eat, but he still sits and whines all through the meal. He also "wipes" all the kisses off that I give him. He also is a homebody. He never wants to go anywhere which gets hard when we have to go grocery shopping.
I know the above sounds negative but I just want to catalogue what he is doing right now. At some future date we can laugh over it. He is a sweetheart and is very tender hearted. He tries so hard to be big like his older sister and brother but he has fears and doesn't always understand what is going on and so he gets nervous. He has done pretty well considering that in the first 2 1/2 years of his life we lived in four different homes.
He really loves to have stories read to him and is starting to draw pictures. In fact, one of them is so cute I just might have to post it.
Huh. I thought Rob scanned it but I don't see it. I will have to ask him about it and post it later.
Okay, this post is super long. But now it is done. My little Grant is four!!

Hi, This is Rob, I know where I saved the Scanned Art work of Grant, see below:

It's a whale if you can't tell. Grant is a fun little boy, he likes to wrestle and weighs a lot, so he can really pin you if you aren't careful. He's very Athletic, in fact, here's a video of him hitting a baseball.

Friday, May 14, 2010


I have been meaning to post this all week but have never done it. I figured I had better do it today, though, because tomorrow is Grant's birthday and I will want to post about him!

So last week, the day before Mother's Day, was my birthday. It was of course, also Wendy's birthday. I realized that it has been 11 years since we have been together on our birthday. That has not bothered me too much until this year. Our separation seems more permanent now I guess. Wendy, I miss you!

We celebrated at lunch time. I made a tuxedo cheese cake with my new springform pan my mom got me for Christmas- thanks mom! It was super rich and we could only eat a few mouthfuls at once, but it was good.

Seth had a soccer game that day and scored a goal! What a fun birthday present :) That afternoon we had a good time attending the kids school carnival.
That night Rob and his sister Kristy and husband Dirk and I went to Tucanos- a Brazilian buffet- for dinner. It was so delicious I completely stuffed myself before receiving the birthday cup of ice cream. After that, they surprised us by bringing Kristy and I each a long stemmed rose and a plate with four gigantic chocolate covered strawberries for the table. I guess maybe it was for Mother's Day or something. Anyhow, even though we were all stuffed, we couldn't let those go to waste! :)
Mother's Day was fun as well. Rob handled the back to back days pretty well. :) He made me crepes for breakfast! Are you all impressed? I was. And it was Russell's first day in the nursery at church. What a great present! He really enjoyed it.
So that was our fun party weekend last week. Now we have Grant's birthday tomorrow, and Rob's soon after.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Hey everyone! You were all so sweet in your comments to my last post. I just may have to vent more often on this blog!

Rob was not as enthusiastic about it as all of you because he feels misrepresented. So allow me to clarify:

When I wrote that he came home and said "What a mess..." he meant it as "Wow our boy can make quite the mess" and NOT "Wow, Amy, think you could clean up that mess a little?" So I feel bad that he feels like I portrayed him as a rude husband. He is not. In fact, he is rather helpful to have around. He keeps us happy with his humor and he pitches in a lot with the work. Hence the trouble when he is out of town! :)

So there you go.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

My life is a mess

Don't worry- I mean that quite literally. As in a physical mess. As in my house is always a mess and I can't keep on top of it. Or maybe I could but I don't feel like putting forth the effort (because with an 18th month old- that would require a lot of effort)

It has just been a rough day.

And Rob is out of town.

Here is how the afternoon/evening went down:

3:00- picked up kids from school and went to Brenna's dance class. Did her homework with her in the car before it started. Went in, got her changed, then took the boys to the library and then the bank. Rushed back to pick up Brenna- hurried home and stuffed some leftovers down their throats so we could get Seth to soccer practice. Realized Brenna came home with wrong shoes (another girl has an identical pair- different size) so drove back to dance class to switch them out. Then instead of going to soccer practice to let the kids play at the park until it finished I had to go back home because Grant got in the car without his shoes. Then back to soccer practice to pick up Seth. Then to pick up some music I had let someone borrow so I would have it for a rehearsal I had scheduled right when I got home, during which my three oldest kids were tired and cranky and yelled and hit each other the entire time.

Now the kids are finally in bed and I am venting on this here blog. Lucky you! Lest any of you thought that my family was perfect- here you go. We are not.

Luckily tomorrow is another day. And we have nowhere to go. :)

Actually, despite all of the detours the afternoon brought I was okay with the running around. The part that bothered me was my kids being so mean to each other. I wish they would look out for each other and care about each other more. Does anyone have any advice on how to instill that sibling love in children? I am not saying they are always rude to each other. Sometimes they are so sweet. But there are definitely times when there is serious sibling rivalry going on.

Okay so I just exposed some faults in my family and I am not very comfortable doing that. So please don't judge me. I am just being honest. None of us are perfect, right?

Now to change the subject: Here is a picture of Seth and Brenna before their choir concert last week. Don't they look nice?
Here is the mess Russ made while I was cooking dinner the other night. I kept slipping on the plastic bags as I went back and forth in the kitchen.

The other side of the kitchen. I had most of this cleaned up when Rob got home, but by then Russ had emptied a drawer. I just laughed when Rob came in and said, 'What a mess." The child doesn't need any toys- he prefers the kitchen items.

That's all for tonight. I hope all you mothers out there have a great weekend!