Saturday, August 28, 2010

Here are my school kids before leaving one morning.

The little boys wanted to be in a picture, too.

They all grow up too fast.

Monday, August 23, 2010


As I was blogging about the reunion my sister-in-law Christie was doing the same thing! So here is a picture I pirated from her blog of the cute little people Kristy made for all of us to be King of the Hill. Sadly- I was never King of the Hill. I guess I won a game or two but always forgot to put my person on the hill. :) (If you have no idea what I am talking about then you need to read the previous post about our family reunion.)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Weaver Reunion

Well, here goes. I am going to blog about our reunion even without any pictures. None of Rob's siblings have blogged about it either so I can't pilfer pictures from them (come on, guys who actually had cameras there- help me out!)

Let's see- We arrived at Rob's parent's house Saturday evening, July 31. The party had already started as Ryan and Julianne and Mike and Tami were already there with their kids (and Melanie- no kids). Everyone else arrived Sunday evening just in time for family pictures. Aha- I am going to be able to post a picture. Melanie put some on her Facebook page- here I go to steal them...

Woohoo- three cheers for Melanie! Too bad they are so small.

Monday: We went to a newer Business Park which had a nice waterfall feature thing that we raced rubber duckies down. The kids enjoyed that quite a bit. Afterword we went to the river and fed real ducks. That afternoon was spent playing games at Grandma and Grandpa's house. That evening Jeanette (Rob's mom) gave a wonderful Family Night Lesson on family history. She told stories and showed pictures of her parents and grandparents, and Dave's parents and grandparents, and then shared some special characteristics of each of her children. She also had each of her children share what they admired about their spouse, particularly when they first met them. It was fun to hear what everyone had to say, and fun to learn about Weaver ancestors that I didn't know about. Great job Jeanette.
Tuesday: Most of the group traveled to Lava Hot Springs. Now I have heard about this place since becoming a member of the family. I always envisioned it like a swimming hole up in the mountains with hot water, you know, like in that movie Dante's Peak. Oh, no- it looks and feels just like a normal pool (just the largest pool I have ever seen) and it has fun water slides for the daring as well as high dive platforms for the insane. :)

See the slides on the right that go over the road? My bravery was not with me that day so I only attempted the weakest of the two. Now look towards the left at those tall blue and white platforms- yeah, people actually jumped off those. Or, if you are really crazy like my brother-in-law Ryan, you do a backward flip/layout thingy off the top one(with very nice form I might add).

(Have you noticed I have already included 4 photos? -yes!)
Wednesday: We went to the zoo and park where they have little kid rides. That afternoon we played some Family Olympic Games with events such as marshmallow shooting and shot putting bean bags with your feet-games which are very unique and yet ubiquitous (and fun) to Idaho. Mark, Christie and Rob were in charge of this event and they did a great job making it family friendly. The kids participated and enjoyed it. That night Rob encouraged us to go to the church and play indoor soccer in the gym. It was a great workout!
Thursday: This was Brenna's birthday! She turned seven! For the past four years or so, the Weaver reunion has been during Seth's birthday. Brenna's is just a week and a half later and each year the party is over right before her birthday. So this year everyone was gracious enough to plan the reunion over her birthday so she could celebrate with all her cousins. Thanks, everyone, for supporting Brenna! In the morning the ladies did a craft while the guys played kickball. The craft was tying water ballons onto flip flops for the girls. They were very colorful and cute. We also suprised the guys by filling up water balloons and pelting them as they came home. It was quite fun. :)
That afternoon we had Brenna's party. Grandma Weaver owns two blow up water slides so we set those up in the backyard. We also played some games with the kids such as water balloon toss and water balloon tag. Later in the evening we did a pinata. Rob and I got her a new bike for her birthday. Because we couldn't very well conceal a bike on the way over, we just gave her a picture of it and she got it when we got home. She also received a recorder, a hand-crocheted stuffed kitty, a giant sized activity/coloring book from Grandma Weaver and a BYU shirt from my parents (go Cougs!). I feel it safe to say that she had a memorable seventh birthday!
That night was skit-night (another very fun Idaho activity). Rob's brother Mike had a large black plastic bag and called random people to come up and select an item from the bag. Then he gave us our groups and we were to come up with a skit using those props. I am always impressed by the creativity of the Weavers and this night was no exception. Where I completely draw a blank they come up with these grand ideas. For example, Rob and Mark's group did a parody of the Old Spice commercial with the theme "Is your grandma's house as fun as ours?" It was so hilarious we demanded a redo. My group took our inspiration from a squirt gun and a long sockish thing that looked like a sling shot. Basically the plot was some scientists created an elixir that would make someone big and strong, they accidentally activate a time machine in a neighboring office and get sent back to Biblical times. They meet Goliath who is a scrawny kid and inject him with the elixir- you can imagine the rest. Quite an entertaining night.
Friday: I think the reunion was officially over but everyone wanted to stay around so we had a nice relaxing day. In the morning we played kickball and when that got too hot we moved in to the church and played some volleyball. I honestly can't remember what we did that afternoon. Probably played games. The Weavers are huge gamers. The top commonly played games: Rook and Settlers of Catan (and all the variations.) In fact, Kristy and Melanie had a very organized and fun system for game playing recognition. Kristy somehow put everyone's face on a cute little person cutout and had them sticking on a cupboard door. Then, right next to it, she had a picture of a hill. So, if you won a game, you got to put your character on the hill and be "King of the Hill" for that moment- until someone else won a game and booted you. Also, they made charts for all the different types of games: settlers, rook, outside games, wii, volleyball, etc. and when you played a game you put a participation sticker by your name. If you won a game you put a gold star sticker by your name. Once you had five participation stickers, or two gold star stickers, you got a prize. The kids really got into that.
Everyone did such a great job with their assignments. We all had turns cooking meals and cleaning up and it went smoothly. Dave and Jeanette were so gracious to have us all in their home. Considering there were 38 of us (I think) in one house it went very smoothly. I am so glad I married into such a wonderful family. (Who ever knew Idahoans had so many ways to have fun!)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Last of Summer

My kids started school this week (sniff sniff) and I miss them a lot. I haven't blogged in a while mostly because I don't have any pictures. However, since I haven't been motivated to take any pictures, I have decided just to blog anyway.

First off I would like to recap a fun party we had before our latest family reunion. The idea for this party hatched during the first week of summer when Seth was adjusting to free time and was a little bored. He and Brenna are both very creative writers (I was cracking up when I read Brenna's writing folder she brought home on the last day of school) and I wanted to encourage that over the summer. I always have grand plans of doing a little reading, writing and math over the summer with the kids- not always too successful with that. Anyway, so I thought it would be fun to have Seth enter a writing competition. (he is quite competitive). So I tried to find some online ones for kids but wasn't too successful so I came up with the idea of doing my own competition with kids we know. Then, I thought it would just be more fun if we turned it into a party and let the kids be the judges. So, crazy me, I planned a writing party in between two family reunions and two birthday parties!

I sent out invitations with instructions to write a short story (any topic) and bring it to the party without a name on it. I wanted the stories to be anonymous. As it got closer to the party, though, I thought each kid should read their own story, because, lets face it, first graders are atrocious spellers. Brenna was reading her story to me after she wrote it and even she had trouble figuring out one of the words. So I decided to just put all the stories on the bench in front of the fireplace and then let each kid "pick" which one they wanted to read when it was their turn. I figured they would all pick their own and they did (except for Brenna- she wanted to read someone else's colorful, illustrated one) so it worked out nicely. Then they all voted on their favorite and we had prizes for the top three winners.

It was a fun experiment- I only wish I had thought to take a picture-at least one little picture! There is something about having ten kids over that makes it hard to think of such things. :)

Okay- that is it for tonight. I just had time for a quick post. Next up I need to post about our fun Weaver reunion (to which we forgot our camera at home-ugh!)