Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and we hope you all did too.

Grant's kindergarten class had an Indian Feast one day and a Pilgrim feast the next.  They made costumes for each one.  The Indian feast consisted of jerky, popcorn, raisins and nuts.  The pilgrim feast was stew, corn muffins, and pumpkin pie.  I was able to help out with one of the feast.  It was a lot of fun.  I don't remember Seth or Brenna doing anything like that in Kindergarten.

The Saturday before Thanksgiving we were lucky enough to have a visit from our friends in Oregon who were driving through the state.  It is good to see that even after 3.5 years our kids still enjoy playing together.
My parents joined us for Thanksgiving this year.  The day after, my parents and I flew down to Salt Lake to visit with my sister who was having a bridal shower and some other events to get ready for her wedding next month.  On Tuesday I decided that we should have our feast on Wednesday instead of Thursday so we could have a day to enjoy the leftovers!  So we did.  It was yummy both times. :)
Rob and the little boys relaxing after the big dinner.
My dad with his signature gravy.
Aren't my parents cute?
The works!

Because of our haste in preparing the feast a day early I only made three kinds of pie (but they were yummy!)

We feel so grateful for all of our blessings at this time of year.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Russ turns 3

Russ turned three this week!  It is hard to believe he is getting so big!  He is completely potty-trained and likes to tell me he is "bigger."  He sees all the things his older siblings get to do and always wants to participate so I often tell him, "when you're bigger."
We had Kristy and family, and Melanie (both of Rob's sisters) over to celebrate.   In the morning when we all sang Happy Birthday to Russell he had the biggest grin on his face when he realized it was HIS birthday.  He has been waiting a long time.  Everyone in our family has a birthday close to someone else except for him.  Clear back in May and again in the summer when Seth and Brenna had their birthdays he kept telling me it was his birthday.  Well, now he finally got his chance.
I made him a football cake since he has been enjoying football lately.  He likes to watch it with Rob on TV and play it downstairs in our basement.  He throws his small soft football in a perfect spiral every time.  He likes to have me "run" and then he will throw it to me as if he is making a play in a game.  He also likes to kick it.  Right before he begins to run toward the ball he puts his right hand up just like the kicker in a college game to signal he is ready to go.  It is pretty cute.
Here is my nephew Jonah with our cutie Sydney.

Here is Russell sporting his new pajamas from Grandma Weaver.
I took this picture the day after his birthday when he was wearing his new clothes from Grandma Astle.  He wanted to take a picture of me, too!
Thanks everyone for making his birthday so special!
This past weekend Seth and Brenna participated in a Sonatina Competition.  Each student played in a private audition and two finalists and three Honorable Mentions were picked from each level.  I am so happy to report that Brenna received an Honorable Mention!  I was so proud of her because she wasn't really enthusiastic about doing it and was extremely nervous.  I am so glad she was brave and gave it a try.  Hopefully she will have more confidence now.
As a piano teacher I was helping hand out awards at the Honors Recital.  I was able to give Brenna her ribbon (and squeeze a hug in there as well).

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fall Fun

The leaves on our tree have been a beautiful color this fall.  This is not the best picture, but hey- its pretty good for holding a baby and talking on the phone while taking it.  I would take another but the leaves are almost gone now.
 I had to snap a photo of these pretty flowers that decided to bloom for the first time about two weeks ago.

 Friday night I had my Halloween piano recital.  We planned on carving pumpkins afterward but we were all tired and a little sick (or sick and tired?) so we saved the task for Saturday.  Wow- it is quite a task to hollow out and carve seven pumpkins. But we did it!  They are all good sized pumpkins from our garden!
 I made these disgusting looking jello worms to take to the street Halloween party later that afternoon, along with bone breadsticks.
 Here is Seth at the party dressed as a wizard/Harry Potter/Napoleon wig dude.
 Brenna as a bejeweled cowgirl.
 Our cute little pumpkin.

 Our cute little almost three year old who refused to dress up.
 And our batman who lost his mask/cape.
 Seth received the prize for best decorated bike.  Brenna received best costume for her age group, but for some reason I don't have a picture of her.  Our family received the best decorated house prize, but that is only because we were the only participants.  (those jack-o-lanterns out front were the extent of it)
 Our neighbors of course received best adult costume- they are holding our cute Sydney so I thought I would include their picture.
 Here are the trick-or-treaters on Halloween night.  They had already gotten some candy Saturday night at the Trunk-or-Treat.  I tell you, it has been a fun-filled holiday weekend.

Now we can look forward to Thanksgiving!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

On Sunday Sydney wore this beautiful dress Grandma Astle gave her.  I can't believe she fits into it already! 
 She looked so adorable.  She really liked playing with the dress.  She would grab the silky top layer and stick it in her mouth.
 Monday night we had some company over and made some  little Frankensteins.  (dyed pudding and crushed cookies).  This fun idea comes from Mel's Kitchen cafe (whose chef just happens to be Rob's cousin- and my claim to knowing someone famous)  We certainly love her amazing cooking blog.  You can check it out at  Unfortunately the kids that I was trying to impress with this fun treat were a little grossed out by the green color and wouldn't eat it.  (My kids ate it just fine- I guess they saw me making it and knew it was pudding!)

 This little whippersnapper is just a few accidents away from being potty trained.  We started training (again!) last week and this time he took to it much more readily.  He has not had an accident in two days and has even started letting me know when he has to go.  Woohoooooo!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Autumn tradition

Monday night we made caramel apples!  Ummmm they were so good.

Rob took over the task and was the chef for the evening.  He created some beautiful and tasty apples for all of us.  His expression portrays some slight annoyance.  This was probably the sixth picture he had posed for as each previous shot I took turned out blurry.  Does anyone else have that problem with digital cameras?  I hold the button down half way until it focuses and then snap the picture, but it seems the majority of the time they come out blurry. 
Anyhow, here are a couple non-blurry pictures of Sydney.  She is such a big girl now enjoying her excersaucer.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Catch up

Here are some pictures of what we have been up to lately.

Picking our first peaches off our tree.

We all participated in the Harvest Classic Fun Run.  It was a one mile run around a park.
Cute kids!