Saturday, March 26, 2011


The past couple of weeks we have taken several trips to the pediatric opthamologist. The day I was leaving to go to my grandfather's funeral I noticed that something seemed wrong with Grant's eye. I took him to the QuickCare and he was diagnosed with pink eye. I had a suspicion that was not really what it was and it turns out I was right. After I got back in town and his eye still seemed to bother him, I finally took Rob's suggestion and took him to an eye doctor.

Despite a rather noncompliant patient, the doctor was able to determine that something indeed was wrong in his left eye and referred us to the pediatric opthamologist. After taking a look she was not sure what it was either, but thought it may have been a foreign object stuck in there and thought she would see if it would come off. She was able to get it off (just a small speck of something). She explained that he had blood vessels growing towards the spot on his cornea where it was (which is apparently very bad). It is now clearing up well with the aid of some steriod drops and she hopes there will be minimal scarring (which means that his vision will be only slightly affected.)

His eye had not been red, there was no discharge, they weren't watery; his only symptoms were that he was sensitive to light and his eyebrows and forehead were furrowed a bit. I am so grateful for modern medicine that can take care of random things like this. I am disappointed in myself for not taking him to be seen earlier.

Luckily he is feeling much better and is a happier boy.

For an art project at school Seth made a paper-mache animal head. The assignment was to then take it home and make a puppet. As a true BYU fan Seth decided to make a cougar for his animal. In discussing the project with the rest of us it was decided it would be fun to dress the cougar up in a basketball uniform; specifically as Jimmer Fredette.

Thanks to Melanie's superior sewing skills the project turned out amazingly well. (Seth did help- a little). We took apart an unused teddy bear and adapted him for the cougar body.

Unfortunately, having our own cougar mascot did not help the Cougars Thursday night in their game.

We had a couple families over from our ward to watch the game.

Most of the men couldn't handle the stress and were pacing the room rather than sitting on the couch.

Our kids got accepted to a new charter school opening up this fall- right down the street from our house. The school is modeled after two other charter schools in our area. We are excited about the opportunity to try it out as the schools are in high demand and it is pretty difficult to get in (they do a lottery). I am very grateful that Grant will be able to attend kindergarten every day for a half day rather than every other day for a full day as he would in public school due to busing budget cuts.
It is our spring break and we are heading down to UT. We will be staying with Rob's brother Mike and their fun family, as well as taking a peak at my newest nephew!
I hope all of you are having a wonderful spring (hopefully with more sunshine that we are getting!)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Catching Up (Seriously)

I apologize for not blogging more. Whenever Rob's computer is here I either forget or am too tired. :) So here is my attempt at catching up the last month and a half; the good, fun and the sad.

First off we have an adorable random picture of Russell Muscle.

Towards the beginning of February I had the privilege of attending the Sophomore Piano Recital of my little sister Heidi at BYU. What made this extra special was being able to see the teacher that I studied with (Heidi is also studying with her) the infamous Dr. Peery-Fox. Here we are together.
Heidi looked so beautiful that night. I could barely get a picture of her though, because she was swamped by fans! :) She is a social gal and had a full house that night.
She played so beautifully. I enjoyed every second of it. She is a wonderful pianist especially considering that she quit piano lessons for three years while in high school. She later came back to it and is very serious about it now. She practiced her fingers off getting ready for this recital (Dr. Peery does that to you) but boy did it pay off. As I was listening I remember thinking, "Did I ever play this well?" I enjoyed this concert so much it made me realize that I need to go see live concerts more often. Thanks Heidi for the wonderful evening.
Unfortunately I was back in Utah two weeks later under sad circumstances. My grandpa Astle passed away unexpectedly after a battle with a blood clot in his lung. I am so grateful I was able to attend the funeral. What a wonderful man he was.

My grandma is seen here with my aunt Marie and my great-uncle Lynn.
The funeral service was beautiful. It was nice to hear stories I had not heard before about my grandpa and to be reminded how much God loves us and has prepared a way through his Son for us to be together as families again.

My two sisters and I are all pregnant and due within 10 weeks of each other. I did not think we would be together during our pregnancies. Although I wish we could have been together under different circumstances, it was fun to get a picture. Sarah (on the right) is due 3 weeks from when the picture was taken, Wendy the middle of April, and myself the end of May.
Heidi had to join in the fun.
All of the siblings. It was so nice to see my brother Steve.
Later that night at Grandma's, she convinced us to have some ice cream even though we had been well fed with goodies all day. It just wouldn't be Grandma's without several flavors of ice cream. It was good to know that some things are still the same.


We completed a big project that we have been planning on doing for a while. We bought some "serious" shelves for our storage room and organized it. As you can see from the "before" pictures, it was badly needed.

Hooray! We can walk in there now- and even find stuff!
We were amazed at how much stuff we have (baby clothes, baby gear, food storage, Christmas decorations...) Some day when we can get rid of all the baby stuff and hand me down clothes, we will probably have twice the room.