Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring Break and more

My how fast time goes by! That is, unless I am thinking about how many weeks I still have left to be pregnant- then it seems to move pretty slowly. :)

I suppose I had better recap our Spring Break.

Our usual plan for Spring Break is to head to sunny, warm California. However, since my sister Sarah had a baby, my mom was in UT helping her. So, I decided to take the kids and go to UT. We stayed with Rob's brother Mike and his family.

Because Tami (Mike's wife) in pregnant and not feeling too well, and I didn't want to hang out at Sarah's with my kids since she just had a baby, I tried to keep our days pretty packed.

Here is a rundown of what we did:

We arrived Monday afternoon and that evening attended a Broadway Revue put on by the Draper Arts Council (of which Mike is the president). His daughter Grace was in the play and it was loads of fun. It was very impressive for a community production. My one regret of the night is that I didn't snap a picture of her in her costume. One fun surprise of the night was that I ran into some friends we knew when we lived in Ohio. It was so great to reconnect with them.

Tuesday morning we went to my Grandma's house and had a nice visit with her. She is doing well. Sarah came with her baby. I cannot believe that I did not take one picture of their cute little guy! If you want to see him- you can click on her blog to the right!

That afternoon we headed down to Provo and saw the Carl Bloch exhibit at BYU. It was amazing! However, I did not get to delve too deeply as my four and two year old did not fully appreciate the experience. :)

After touring the exhibit we headed to the bookstore to buy the kids some BYU gear. Then we went to dinner with my sister and her new "friend." I will post more about him later if need be ;)

My mom was with us for the day and it was nice to be with her.

The flowers were so pretty I made everyone stop for a picture. This next picture I took so we could text it to Rob. Poor guy was home working. (We were sort of rushed in the store and I couln't find a shirt Russ' size, so he is left out.) On Wednesday we went to a Children's Museum in Salt Lake City. The kids were very entertained and could have stayed all day if the little ones didn't get too tired. My mom came with Sarah's little Eli and he had a good time as well.
Grant really enjoyed the cash register.
Russell and Eli liked the water the best- although they got pretty wet.

You may notice there are no pictures of Seth. This is because he was upstairs in the older kid section the whole time. Up there he got to pretend to be a weatherman, make a "movie", and draw a comic strip among other things.
Wednesday afternoon we went to my Aunt Laura's house and visited with her. My kids always love to play with her kids.

Thursday we went to a Classic Fun Center in Sandy which was a blast with roller skating, bounce houses, arcade games, and a great playground. Afterward we came back to Tami's and relaxed! We headed back home Friday-well worn out and our quota of fun fulfilled.

Since then it has been back to real life.

Tonight Seth was a star in the fourth grade play about Lewis and Clark. He was one of the main characters-the dog that was on the expedition. He had a speaking part and even sang a solo- complete with backup singers! He did a wonderful job and really enjoyed it.

I am proud of him for taking the initiative all on his own to try out for the part. He practiced his solo and memorized his lines all on his own.

Today was a busy day and Iwas a bit stressed about getting everything done so we could get to the play on time. After Seth got home from school he said offhandedly, "What am I going to wear for a dog costume?" I about died of a panic attack right there. I did not realize that he needed to provide his own costume. In fact, my though process was something like this, "Son, you do realize that your mother has no sewing or creative ability, right? And you are telling me you need a costume two hours before you have to be to your play? You must think I can perform miracles. Where is the fairy godmother (aka Melanie) when you need her?" (She was not home yet, and Rob is out of town).

Luckily Brenna piped in with a great suggestion. Years ago Grandma Weaver had given Seth a hooded bath towel with a doggie face and ears on it. She reminded me of it and so we took the hood off and had him wear that. He also explained to me that it didn't have to be a full-body costume. So it worked out.

So that is what we have been up to. This weekend brings a visit from Rob's aunt and uncle who live in VA, and Seth and Brenna's annual piano evaluation. Wish them luck!