Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sydney Jane Weaver

Well, here she is. This is Rob if you can't tell, and Amy I'm sure will fill in any details I miss. Sydney was born at 6:07 am May 29th 2011. She was 8 lbs 8oz and 21 inches long. She has blond hair and it looks like light eyes, so maybe blue. She came fast and furious, we barely made it to the hospital in time as Amy wasn't sure she was in labor or not. So we arrived and the hospital at 5:45 and she was born quickly afterward.
Amy is doing great and it seems Sydney is doing great also. Here are some pictures for your enjoyment.

Monday, May 23, 2011


Last week Grant "graduated" from preschool. He participated in a cute ceremony in which the kids sang songs and demonstrated some of the skills they learned throughout the year. I was surprised that he started asking when he could go to kindergarten right away. For a kid who never wants to go anywhere I was glad to see he is excited about school.

Grant is growing up fast! Here he is with his teachers. He wants to play soccer in the fall. He has been wearing the extra jersey from Seth's team all day today. He also told me tonight that he thinks he is ready for piano lessons. Oh boy.

Brenna reached a milestone this week (a little sooner than I expected). She has now joined Seth in wearing glasses. She is so super excited about them. She is sad that she only has two days of school left to show them off. (I know- it is crazy that our kids get out of school on Wednesday!)

She told me a week ago that she had to move to the front of the room to see the board so I scheduled her an eye appointment (we have had a lot of those lately) and sure enough, glasses were needed.

I think she looks pretty cute!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Our busy weekend

We had a very busy but fun weekend.

This first picture is of Russ. He looked so cute in Grant's Buzz Lightyear shirt, patriotic hat, and floor duster that I couldn't resist snapping a picture. He was "helping" me on Friday to get ready for the next day.

Friday night Brenna had a dance rehearsal for her recital the next day. When we got home I took some pictures of her in her costume. Of course, the little boys wanted their picture taken as well.

She danced beautifully in both a ballet and tap number.

It is Grant's birthday and on Saturday we had a party for him. This was his first birthday party and he was very excited about it for a long time. After our trip to UT in March he kept saying he wanted to invite "the two Eli's" to his party (those are his cousins). We had to settle for inviting his preschool class instead.

Since I have resolved to make more of an effort at fun birthday cakes I had Grant look at pictures online with me for ideas. I soon regretted this since he kept changing his mind about what he wanted. In our search he admired several cakes that I was sure I could not replicate. I finally "clicked" on one and got interested in trying the technique.

I think it turned out really well...

I made the Buzz by doing a Frozen Buttercream Transfer- if you are interested in learning about it, click

Yes, it did take a long time, but the great thing about it is- you can make it ahead of time. And it is amazing what I get done at night when Rob is out of town ! :)

We had planned on having the party outside, but thanks to the awesome Idaho wind, we had to bring it in.

We danced to music, decorated cookies, had a dinosaur feet relay, and ate cake and ice cream.

Although exhausting, I believe it was a successful party.

On Grant's actual birthday, he got to open his presents from family. Rob and I got him a new bike. He hasn't tried it out yet, since it was raining today.

He has presents from Seth, Brenna, Grandmas and Grandpas, and mom and dad.

Happy Birthday Grant!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Carnival, Birthday, and Zoo

Last Saturday the kid's school had a fundraising carnival. This annual event is looked forward to greatly in our house. Unfortunately I had to 'single parent' it this year as Rob had to travel to UT for a funeral. (His uncle, who had been sick for a long time, passed away).
Grant, Russ and Brenna loved the train ride. Seth enjoyed playing some of the new games this year in the 'Minute to Win It' section.

The next day (Mother's Day) was also my birthday. Rob overly spoiled me. He seemed very stressed about the double occasion but completely outdid himself. His sister Kristy was kind enough to invite us to dinner that evening. We were able to visit with Rob's mom who traveled home with him from UT and stayed for the day.

The kids made me adorable homemade cards, Seth gave me not one, but TWO coupon books (for helping with dinner, yard work, cleaning room, etc). It was a wonderful birthday/Mother's Day, complete with Strawberry Shortcake. Yum.

Grant put that sticker on my shirt and I forgot it was there. It was on one of his new shirts.

Yesterday Russ and I went along with Grant and his preschool class to the Zoo. This was our first time at the Zoo here. It was (finally) a beautiful day and I enjoyed every minute of it.

The boys enjoyed playing on this jeep and other climbing toys as much as looking at the animals.

Climbing on penguins...


waiting in line for the merry-go-round with our friends.

One of the moms (also in our ward) invited us to carpool together. It was fun to chat and visit while we watched our kids play. That is something I have missed that I enjoyed all the time in Oregon. Ladies from CP- I miss you!

Friday, May 6, 2011

April 2011

Things I like:

these yahoos...



I really like these purple tulips... oh, and the white tipped red ones...

these kildeer eggs in our front yard...

this cute little guy

(he was telling me the other night that he "found it". I didn't know what he was talking about but he came all the way down the stairs in dad's pants to show me how he had put them on. I am glad he didn't trip along the way.)

I really like these beautiful curtains that Rob's sister Melanie made for me. The pictures just don't do them justice. We had fun picking out the fabric and I had fun watching her sew it all together. :)

Yay for some color in a room full of black and brown!

Some things I don't like:

My big belly

Rob out of town-again.

I have three weeks left until my due date. I have been asked a lot lately if I am "ready." The answer is that I am ready to not be pregnant, but not sure if I am ready for the baby. I am ready to see what she is going to look like, though!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Our camera is lost so some of these pictures were taken with Rob's blackberry so the quality is not quite as nice. The rest were taken by Kristy and emailed to me- thank you!

We colored easter eggs the Thursday before Easter since our weekend was too busy. Everyone had a good time. Russell enjoyed vigorously dropping his eggs in the dye. Grant enjoyed coloring all of his several times so they all ended up an army/dinosaur egg green.

The day before Easter we had an Easter Egg hunt in the backyard with the cousins. Kristy, Melanie and I hid the eggs while the kids stayed downstairs. Rob got home just as we were lining them up to get started- perfect timing. (he was attending a CE course)

Each kid had their own color of eggs to look for. It was actually a pretty nice day for the occasion. Since we have had only two days that have reached seventy degrees this year so far, the 62 degree weather felt pretty nice.

Russ inventing a new fashion with his Easter basket.

Rob showing off his gopher he caught in a trap he just set the day before.

Kami and Russ.

The weekend before Easter Rob's aunt and uncle Marilyn and Dan came to visit from Virginia. Russ took an immediate liking to Uncle Dan, especially when he shared his cake. It wasn't just the cake, though, because I offered some of mine to Russell, but he wouldn't have it.
That same weekend Seth and Brenna participated in the Certificate of Merit piano evaluation program. This is a program that originated in California. I participated as a student there. I am so happy that there are teachers in the valley that used to live in California and valued it enough to bring the program here. They perform pieces, technique, and sight reading for an evaluator, and take a written theory and ear training test.

They both scored very well and were selected to perform in the Honors Recital held this last weekend. Don't they look nice?