Friday, August 26, 2011

Best Baby Ever!!!

This little sweetheart gets the prize for best baby ever!  That requires only one qualification in my book, and that is that she sleeps through the night!  Woohoo!!!!!  I have a baby that sleeps through the night before 12+ months of age!
Now, may I also mention that she is adorable, happy 99.9% of the time, and a sweetie pie.  Who can argue with that?

Friday, August 12, 2011

The last month: camping, vacation, birthdays, baptism, blessing, school...

Wow, after typing that title I can understand why I haven't had time in the last month to blog...

So here we go with a recap. 

Rob took the kids camping one Friday night along with his sisters and family.  I stayed behind with Sydney who was still quite little.  I thought it would be such a great thing but actually I missed them a lot.

They went fishing in a stocked pond and Grant caught a fish!

The last week of July we headed to California for a family reunion at my parents house.  It was so relaxing this year just staying at their house.  With three grandbabies born within 10 weeks (Sydney being the youngest) staying at their home was the right thing to do this year. 
We enjoyed the pool.  Some of the younger ones were nervous about the pool but they enjoyed the wading pool!

My mom was afraid that my siblings without little kids would get a little bored just staying at the house every day so she rented "the Big Kahuna" water slide for one day.  Wow, was it big!  It gave quite a bumpy ride!
My Grandma Astle was able to attend.  She has always been a great ping-pong player.
Russ and cousin Eli after a bath.
My sister Heidi is engaged!  Here is her fiancee Sam reading a book to the grandkids.  (Scoring big points)
My mom and Sydney.
Heidi, Sam, and some nieces and nephews.  Sorry Heidi- the picture I took of just you and Sam turned out blurry.
Sydney Jane
Seth turned 10 while we were in CA!.  Here he is on his birthday.  Unfortunately he was not feeling very well that night.  We ended up having cake and ice cream the next day when he was doing better.

A week after we got home it was Brenna's birthday!  She requested a cat cake so this is what we came up with.  (For Seth's birthday I copped out and bought a cake!)  Her birthday was extra special this year because she turned eight!  She was baptized the next day. 

My parents drove out the day befor her birthday so they could be here for her baptism.  It was extra fun to have them here for her birthday as well.  We celebrated by swimming in our neighbor's pool.

Our stake does baptisms the first Saturday of the month.  She lucked out since her birthday fell on the first Friday of the month so she could get baptized the very next day!
My parents and Brenna.
Rob's parents and Brenna.  They are troopers and drove to UT to make Brenna's cousin' baptism that morning, and then flew to Boise to make Brenna's that afternoon.

Our fun family!
What made the weekend even more special was that we blessed Sydney the next day.  When we got home from church I tried to get a picture of both girls in their white dresses, but Sydney would not be happy.

Wednesday, August 10, the kids started school!  I know, it is crazy to start school in early August, but what can I do?  They are going to a brand new charter school this year.  There will definitely be some kinks to work out, and they are in portables until the permanent structure is built, but I think it will be worth it.  They both came home pretty positive about it. 
(Note Brenna's cute hair cut)
Brenna is in third grade, Seth in fifth.
Grant started kindergarten this week!  His first day wasn't until Thursday.  Russell still tries to do whatever his big brother Grant does.  He will miss Grant this year!
Sydney is growing right before our eyes.  She also likes to suck her thumb!  I have never had a baby do that before and I admit I think it is adorable.  (I know I won't think so in a few years).  I just had to take this photo of her hanging out while we ate lunch today.