Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Christmas Break Take 2

Continuing our Christmas recounting: after Heidi's wedding...

We made gingerbread houses!  Wow, that was quite the project.  My mom had visited us last year and participated in our family tradition of making gingerbread houses (a tradition from the Weaver's) and thought it would be a fun activity to keep all of us occupied.  Since I did not want her to worry about making them and storing 13 gingerbread house pieces around her house the week before the wedding I offered to make them and bring them.  I was very concerned about them breaking but should not have worried.  We had some extra pieces ( I was prepared in case any broke) that I just tossed in the box when we went home, and they didn't even break!

Rob and I went to Winco that morning and purchased the candy.  It was hard to know how much to buy for that many people!  We had a lot extra but figured we could use it next year.
We had some discouraging issues with making the frosting (my mom's whisk attachment for her Bosch was broken and we needed something more powerful than a handmixer) but Jeremy came to the rescue by sticking a beater in the electric drill and making the frosting that way!
Once we all got going it was very fun!

My mom's kitchen table was the perfect size for the grandkids!

Rob's masterpiece
My niece Vanessa turned three a few days before Christmas.  She had a very "princess" birthday.  We are out of the princess stage right now but it got me excited to reenter it in a couple years.

My mom holding grandson Garrett and Rob holding Sydney.
She has wonderful sparkly eyes.
Christmas Eve!!  The "kid" table.

Lining up Christmas morning to see what Santa brought.

Apparently we didn't get a picture of Seth or Sydney.  Santa brought Sydney baby food.  She loves to eat Cheerios now and has started to army crawl.  She gets faster everyday and I am having trouble coming to terms with her growing up so quickly.  I still think she should be about 4 months old.
So that was our December!  Well, at least that is all the pictures we have of December.  New Year's Eve/weekend we were lucky enough to have my sister Sarah and family stay with us.  They were in town for the blessing of Jeremy's newest nephew.  We just love having them around.  It was fun to remember that the last time they were here was when Sydney was born! 
So now we are on to January which is usually a very dreary month.  This year, however, it has been full of sunshine!!!  (no snow!  still cold, mind you, but sunny!!)  Hooray!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Heidi's wedding!!!

Alrighty, I am finally posting about this!
My little sister Heidi married Sam Worsham on Dec. 20, 2011 in the LDS Temple in Sacramento, CA.  It was such a fun day made extra special by the fact that it was our 12 year anniversary!  (hard to believe)
It was so great to be able to have the wedding in Sacramento and not have to travel to Oakland.

Here I am with my brother Steve on that pleasant CA day.

My sister Wendy and family. (Notice the flowers blooming on the right- in December!  CA- I miss you!!)
Brenna with cousin Shannon.
Grant, Brenna, Kenneth and Shannon.
Sister Sarah and family.
The newlyweds with all of their Astle nieces and nephews.

The reception was at a beautiful country club.
Sarah and I.  All of these pictures are from Rob's phone as our camera battery had died.  It is one of those rechargeable ones so we didn't have time to charge it.  If you would like to see more and better quality pictures check out my mom's facebook page.  There are approximately 563.4 of them :)
Sisters, Grandma and mom

Heidi- this could be you in 12 years!!  :)
We all stayed at my parents house (they are troopers!  Let's see, that was 6 more adults and 11 kids, 8 of them 5 years and younger) and stayed through Christmas.  (More pictures coming of that later).  It was so nice to be together.  Thanks mom and dad for letting us all stay there when you were preparing a wedding and Christmas. 
All in all it was such a wonderful time to visit with immediate and extended family, and to share in the joy of Heidi and Sam's wedding.  We are so excited for them and what the future will bring.  I am not sure when we will all see each other again.  My sisters are all spread out- one in New Jersey, one in Pennsylvania, and now Heidi will be in Iowa as Sam attends medical school.  Thank goodness for blogs and texting and cheap phone calls.