Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Our busy bee

Sydney is at the fun stage of getting into everything.  It is fun to watch her curiosity lead her to explore different parts of the house.  It is definitely a challenge accomplishing anything during the day other than damage control.

(These next couple photos show Sydney with her cousins Connor and Garrett when we were together last month)

Sydney likes to help Grant practice the piano.
She is quite the climber.  She makes a beeline for the stairs whenever we are downstairs.  She loves to climb up anything she can.  I get a kick out of this picture.  She has climbed up the music books basket and is standing on the edge of the binders that are leaning against the table.
She still sucks her thumb in this unique way.

I helped her down a slide at the park yesterday and she just giggled and giggled.

My kids are growing up too fast!