Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Two more birthdays, a RAD performance, and Grandmas!

This past week has been a blast!  Seth had his long-awaited RAD performance.  The fifth and sixth graders from his school work together with another Charter School and perform a musical/drama production about the "Race Against Drugs."  He has been so enthusiastic about it.  He has practiced everyday after school for two months.  He tried out for and made several special dance numbers as well as a vocal solo.  Rob's parents and my mom came into town just for the event.  They got to perform at the Civic Center- an actual stage!  It was a great experience and I am so grateful that he had that opportunity.  He cannot wait until next year when, as a sixth grader, he can try out for the drama parts.  He thrives on being onstage and in the limelight!
Here is my beautiful mother and my beautiful daughter.

I don't remember what day this was taken exactly.  My mom and I had so much fun together but I guess we wore poor Sydney out.

Grant is showing off his new Star Wars Blaster gun he bought with his birthday money.

This past weekend we did some yard work.  I was surprised at how much fruit our pluot tree had set.  Alas, I had to thin it quite a bit.  But it is all for the best!  I am looking forward to harvest time!
This is an impressive dragon Seth created out of his legos.  The feet bend at the ankle, and the tail swishes, and it even "breathes" fire. 
The creator himself.
Rob's birthday was last week!  I love the "halo" around his head in this picture.
On Memorial Day we went fishing.  We met up with Kristy and her family for a fun morning.  It was a beautiful day.  Russell may have frightened most of the fish away with this getup.

"I can't wait to go crawl in the mud mommy!"

We went local to this pond behind a neighborhood.  Maybe not the most atmospheric location, but it worked.
Cousin Jonah was a big help with Sydney.  He was also very willing to help my kids get worms on their hooks.  Thank you Jonah!!

Grant caught two fish and Seth caught one.  All were the catch and release kind.  We are pretty sure Grant caught the same fish both times.  Grant seems to be a born fishermen.  That boy can cast like a champ!
Our little princess turned one year old today!  It is hard to believe!  Rob has better pictures on his phone so as soon as I can I will post some of those.  As you can see we got her a little car for her birthday.  She is a bit young for it, but I know she will enjoy it later.
She got some much needed summer clothes from her grandmas.  Our camera battery died at this point so we will have to wait until I snag the pictures from Rob's phone to see the cake photos.  She was a very dainty cake eater.  She did not want to get in her high chair.  She ate a little but really did not delve into it too enthusiastically.  She got to take a bath afterward, however, so she was in heaven. Taking a bath is one of her most favorite things to do.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May 16, 2012

It is time to catch up on my blog!  We have had a lot going on.  May is our birthday month, with four of the seven of us with a birthday.
I have finally gotten all of the pictures from our two phones and our camera.  Having so many devices that can take pictures is great but makes it a little hard to compile. Therefore this post will be a bit scattered.
Grant was very happy to turn six years old yesterday!  He felt very special as we brought in treats to his class at school, took him and a friend to a jump house, and had presents and cake and ice cream.
One present that he has been asking for (and even praying for)for a couple of months now is his own shovel.  How could we deny him that wish?

He seemed very happy the whole day.  The evening was a bit busy so we let him open some presents in the morning, just for the sake of time.

After much mind-changing, he finally decided on a dinosaur cake.  I suggested a dinosaur "scene" using some of his toy dinosaurs.  (I was going for simple this year).  It turned out okay.  Rob (aka Mr. Creative) helped me with most of it.

Here are the boys at the jump house looking quite worn out.

That same night we went to Pack Meeting where Seth received his Arrow of Light Award.  For my sisters who haven't been through this yet with their boys, it is a significant award they can earn when they are a Webelos (ten year old scout) and is given in a special "ceremony."  The patch is the only one from Cub Scouts (8-10 year old) that can be worn on the Boy Scout shirt (the tan shirt rather than the blue one).  It is strange to think in a couple of months we will not have a Cub Scout for a while.

Our busy bee has been as busy as ever.  She had fun making this mess while I was making dinner one day.  When my older kids came inside and saw it they couldn't believe I just let her do that!  They do not understand how nice it is to have her safely occupied while I am cooking.  :)
Rob has this next picture as the wallpaper on his phone.  I think it is priceless...
as is this one.
Okay, and this one too.  Time for a haircut!
This spring we have two kildeer nests in our rocks in front of our house.  Can you see the four eggs?  We are always amazed at how camouflaged they are, and how brave they are nesting right there on the ground near our two cats!
This picture was taken when we were in Provo for Heidi's recital.  We connected with Jon, one of Rob's young men from Oregon.  He is married now!  What a great guy.
We celebrated my birthday a couple days early since Rob was out of town on the actual day.  When I came out of the bathroom that morning I was greeted with this:
I was very spoiled and had a great birthday.  I spent the whole day talking on the phone to all my wonderful family that called, and kept so busy that evening with soccer practice, a soccer game, and Relief Society Meeting that Rob barely had a chance to talk with me on the phone.  Birthdays are great- if only I didn't keep getting a year older. :)
We have attended a lot of soccer games lately.  The weather was hot one particular night so I fashioned some shade by laying a blanket over the stroller and chair.  It provided some welcome relief.

This is a video of Sydney walking while pushing a cart.  We keep trying to encourage her to take a few steps but she is not brave enough yet.  She sure does enjoy pushing this around, though!  I love how she pushes it until she gets stuck at a wall, and then immediately looks toward me to fix it.  Needless to say, it was a little hard to prepare dinner with this going on.

Two more birthdays to come!