Thursday, June 7, 2012

End of the school year happenings

Here is Seth receiving an Award for his school Hall of Fame.  Each grade has a required "Mad Minute" that they must complete (for example getting a page of multiplication problems completed accurately in one minute)  before passing off others.  Seth passed off five this year:  Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, and Mixed Facts.  He is looking forward to next year as the sixth grade class seems to put a lot of emphasis on this.  Several kids in the sixth grade were awarded plaques for completing eight or even sixteen different Mad Minute sheets ranging from basic math facts to more complex such as mixed fractions, percentages, etc.,  as well as facts like States and Capitals, Periodic Table and reciting the Gettysburg Address. (do they have to do that one in one minute??)  I have no doubt that Seth will be receiving several of those awards next year.  He thrives on such competition.

This little birthday present of Sydney's is worth it's weight in gold.  She loves to just sit in it, get pushed around in it by her brothers, or climb in and out, in and out!  I love it.  It is just the perfect size for a personal playground.
Grant's class was fortunate enough to go to the Zoo on a field trip this week. Russell, Sydney and I went along.  That was the most rushed experience I have ever had at the Zoo.  They kept us hopping with only an hour and twenty minutes at the Zoo, then off to a park for 25 minutes for lunch, and then to a pond area to look at some "natural habitat."  And let me tell you, when the Charter School says the bus is leaving at such and such a time, they mean it!  Grant really enjoyed looking at all the animals.
The great part about our school is the parent involvement.  So many parents volunteered that each "Parent Leader" only had two kids in their group.  Several moms came along that were not parent leaders, such as myself. 
I was barely able to snap a picture or two..:)
Here we are at the ponds.  This is actually a mile from our house and I am embarrassed to say we have never been.  But, now we know of a good fishing spot. 
What I do not have a picture of is Seth's mock congressional hearing.  The same morning as the Zoo trip, his class presented "congressional hearings".  They were in groups of five and each student had to deliver a "prepared statement" before a panel of judges.  The group was then asked questions by the judges.  It was a very formal affair to which Seth wore a shirt and tie.  He did an excellent job of delivering his speech, and helping his classmates answer a question they were unsure of.  I was impressed with how they studied court cases and their influence on our country's laws and society.  He is also learning some great public speaking skills.  I took a video but was unable to snap a photo before he finished.

The last day of kindergarten was today.  The school did not do any type of ceremony.  I have always thought kindergarten graduations were a bit silly, but I admit I was a little sad not to have one this time for Grant.  He is very excited about sleeping in!  I will believe it when I see it.  :)

Seth and Brenna are done with school after tomorrow.  We have a fun summer packed with visits to grandparent's homes.

Hooray for Summer Break!