Friday, August 31, 2012

Long awaited reunion photos

OK, so maybe you haven't been wondering when I was going to post these like I have every day....

Here is a photo recap of our big reunion for Rob's mom's side of the family in early August.  It will be a short recap since I was too busy playing to take many pictures.  :)

The Dave and Jeanette Weaver family took advantage of everyone together in one place and took pictures.  The above is a "goofy" shot.  (Grant is my personal favorite-bottom left).
Here was a smart idea for everyone's drinking cup.
Some shots of the extremely nice lodge we stayed in.
There were three levels with I am not even sure how many rooms.  The top level had suites, the main level had kitchen and living space and I think some bedrooms, and the basement had the game room, community bathrooms, and several bedrooms.  Our room could have slept 12 people with the four bunkbeds each with a full sized bed on the bottom.  We just had our own family in it.

We enjoyed a rook tournament, volleyball tournament, Family Olympics, swimming pool, etc.

Behind those glass doors was the swimming pool.
Rob wanted a shot of his girls.
It was a great reunion! 

Friday, August 17, 2012

This week

Sydney just loves our cats.  Luckily, one of our cats loves everyone, and is not afraid to plop down on her lap and let her grab him.  She loves it!
She looks pretty adorable in Brenna's old swimsuit.
Our big news this week is our kids started school! They were very excited.  I am glad they were excited, but feel as if it is still the middle of summer.
The big sixth grader
Fourth grader!
First grader!!
Our garden is a little off this year.  The things that have always done well in the past are not doing so well, and the things that have struggled to grow, are doing well. 

Here we have some tomato plants that are taller than Grant, but have no tomatoes growing on them!  :(
But here is the largest watermelon I have ever grown in a garden.  Grant is so excited.  Watermelon is his favorite food.

A picture of the watermelon plant.  It is huge.
This is an adorable video of Sydney dancing. It is so cute.  She has been into putting random items of clothing on.  She is pretty good at it.  That is the shirt around her neck.  Then she is dancing to her iPod toy, encouraged on by her giggling siblings.

Friday, August 10, 2012

a bit of everything

Happy Birthday Brenna!
This post is overdue!!  Three days after Seth's fun birthday party we went to Utah for a big Family Reunion.  The day after we got back we had a birthday party for Brenna!  She is nine years old!!
In this picture she is dressed up for a birthday party she was invited to about a month ago.

Stay with me during this post as I have a few random pictures.  We will get back to her birthday...
A few weeks ago a violent wind storm cam through on a Sunday afternoon and damaged two of our fruit trees.  Here is our peach tree which received the most damage.  Unfortunately, this week I looked outside and another branch has broken off.  I am definitely in the grieving process...
I will follow up this post with more pictures of our reunion, but here are a few.  The reunion was held at a huge lodge in UT and was for Rob's mom's family.  There were over eighty people there and several missing.  One morning Rob's mom and sister took all the 3-6 year olds and did some activities so the parents could "play."  The kids, of course, had a ball.

A picture of the fun game room in the lodge. 
There was a pond with this boat and food to feed the fish (which were quite large.  They probably need to go on a diet).
Another fun activity for the kids was a Pirate's Treasure Hunt.  Grant and Brenna are in this group.
Seth is here in the blue shirt.

Ah, here we are back to the birthday party. 

I knew that we would be worn out after the reunion, so I planned ahead.  We rented a pool (it was not too expensive, actually) and had a pool party.  That way I did not have to worry about the three tons of laundry and suitcases that were all over my house that day.  I made the party favor bags and the cake before we left.  I stuck the cake in the freezer and it stayed just fine.  I planned all the games before we left for the reunion as well.
All things said, the party was great!  We played games in the pool, the girls had fun, and Brenna felt special.  Hooray!
Unlike Seth's party, half the girls Brenna invited were out of town that day.  Oh well.
Here she is on her actual birthday...
and again.
We love you Brenna!!