Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fun Run

Last weekend was our annual Fun Run the city does each year.  This is our fourth year doing it together as a family.  It is just one mile.
Here is Grant with Rob close behind coming to the finish line.
Along with the Fun 1-Mile Run, they offer an 8k, 2mile run and 2mile walk.  They do drawings for prize baskets and have all sorts of vendors present giving away free stuff.  We always stay after the race while they announce the winners of each category and Seth earnestly hopes that his name will be called for a prize.

Each year as I listen to the winners of the two-mile walk announced, I think to myself- 'I should enter that race.  I don't know anyone that walks faster than me, except my mom."  This year I decided I didn't want to sit there and think that again, so I entered the race.  I timed myself in the two weeks leading up to the race and compared my times to the previous years winners and decided I had a pretty good chance of winning.  I was pretty nervous as this is way outside my comfort zone.  I have never done anything like this before.  But I just reminded myself that this was a WALK race, and no one really cares. :)

So, I finished the race with my best time ever, and according to Rob's aunt Marilyn who watched me come in, I was the first female walker to finish.  They give prizes to the top three overall female and male winners, and then announce the top three winners in each age group.  So, I was pretty proud of myself.

They announced the overall winners, starting with third place, then second place, then...I expected my name to be announced..."and first place to....Sarah Somebody."  OH!  I guess I didn't win.  But, wait a minute, I was pretty sure there wasn't anyone in front of me.
 At first I was just going to let it go, but then I wanted to look into it.  So I asked someone and they said the results were printed over on a table.  I looked and sure enough the first place person they had listed had a slower time than me, and my name was not anywhere on the list.  So, the timer they gave me to wear on my leg had not registered for some reason.  So, I let them know and they said they would look into it, and by Monday they had it all taken care of.

This is a very long explanation, I apologize.

Do you want to know my time?  22:19.  I never knew that walking could be such great exercise!  I was out of breath and quite sweaty when I finished!

I learned something about myself through this experience: I only like to do things I know I am really good at.  That may sound silly that I didn't recognize that in myself before, and I guess to a certain extent I did know it, but now I am definitely aware of it.  I am often frustrated by that trait in my children, but now realize I am just as bad as they are.  I would never have wanted to do this race if I didn't think I could WIN!  :)

Rob's cousin Jacob ran the 2-mile run and came in first in his age group.  So here we are- both first place winners!

The other neat thing that happened that day is that Russell's name was called in the prize drawing.  That is definitely worth sticking around for.  He got a football, some pink toy cars ;), a family zoo pass, and a one-night stay in the Marriott.  Fun!
I sent this picture to Rob this week while he was out of town. 
Grant is on a great soccer team this year. 
Sydney with her cute pigtails.
This is the table I got used off the internet!   I have been looking for about a year and a half for a table for our dining room.  I fell in love with one at a furniture store but couldn't bring myself to buy it, as I would have to use pads and a tablecloth each time we used it.  Also, it was a nice big table, but because of the size of our room, if we had it fully extended, it would reach into the entry way and we would not be able to seat people at the table where the room was narrow because of the wall.  As we eat in here every day, I did not feel up to using pads and tablecloth that often.  So, I had to think outside my box.  The shape of this table works well with our room size.  I love that it comes with eight chairs.  It has two leaves.  This is shown with both leaves in.  We can comfortably seat ten people. It is a normal table height so we can add chairs as we need to.  Hooray!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Grandma

My beautiful Grandma passed away.  She was 93 years old and ready to go, but I am not sure I was ready for her to go.

Here she is with my mom at her 90th birthday party.
Rob and I were able to attend the funeral together, which was such a treat.  It was a beautiful service with lots of music. 

I want to share some of my memories of Grandma:

I remember going to visit her house on Sundays and watching Alice in Wonderland or Saturday's Warrior.

I remember her steep slanted pavement up to her door (My Sunday shoes slipped on that more than once)

All the stray cats she would feed

Her homemade rolls

Her delicious gravy

Her yummy freezer jam

Every time we were at her house or she was at our house, we performed the piano for her.

Her cute Utah accent

Her intelligence- she was a very eloquent writer

Her attendance at every one of my piano recitals

Her teaching me how to accompany my mom

Her love of beautiful jewelry, crystal, and lladro

Her love for Steve Young and the 49ers :)

Her wisdom.

She loved me so much.  I hope I can continue her legacy of faith, education, and music.

All of my siblings, one brother-in-law, and parents at the cemetery.
 My mom and her sister Marilyn.
 All of Grandma's grandkids- I don't think we have ever all been together before.
 The van my dad borrowed so we could all ride together.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Does this make you smile?

These make me happy!

Three posts in one week....sometimes I impress myself :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Our weekend

Some cute kids at the park!

 Soccer season has started around our house and while Russell is not officially on a team, he loves to get on his gear and play in the backyard.
 I was trying to think of a fun family activity to do for Labor Day weekend.  I really wanted to go camping, but it would have required a bit more planning ahead of time. So here is what we came up with:

The other day Brenna had mentioned that she would really like to ride a horse.  So I thought horseback riding would be a fun activity for the weekend.  Rob piped up and said his assistant has horses and would love to have us come to her house and ride them.  So he called her, and sure enough, she was elated to have the kids over.  She has competed and won several barrel racing events.
 The kids were a little nervous, but enjoyed it.  Julie just led them around the whole time. 

 I have ridden horses more than a couple times, but it has usually been the mellow horses that take riders on trails all day long.  I realized after sitting on this horse that I don't really know what to do on a "real" horse.
 Sydney was pooped after the morning's adventure. 

That afternoon we left Sydney with the neighbor girl and took the kids to the local water slide park.  We had such a great time!  It was surprisingly not crowded (probably because it was not the warmest day- but it was just fine).  I was afraid Brenna and Grant would not be brave enough to go on the slides, but they both loved it and went on everything!  I was probably the most timid- aside from Russell, who had no interest even in the kid slides.  (Rob didn't want to leave him home :) ).  He was very good-natured, though, and enjoyed observing everything.
I knew the day was a success when, while climbing up the stairs and waiting for each ride, Brenna kept saying things like, "Mom, this is so fun!"  "Mom, I love you so much!", "Mom, you are the best mom!" etc.  It was neat to do something together with her that she enjoyed so much.

 The bowl pictured above shows some nectarines we have been enjoying from our tree.  Unfortunately, the yellow jackets have acquired a taste for them, too.  I would go out in the early morning or late evening and pick them when the wasps were gone.  (I hate wasps!)
For Labor Day we had talked about going to the Zoo, but just never got up and out the door.  So, instead, we spent the day at home getting caught up on yard work and harvesting our garden.  It was a pretty good harvest, don't you think?

Now, because I know you want a closer look....
Can you believe those peaches off our tree?  They are gorgeous, and taste even better than they look!  We didn't saw off the latest broken branch to see if the peaches on the branch would ripen, and they are ripening beautifully.  I am going to cry when we have to trim the tree down to nothing.  I hope it survives.
Every year we plant less green beans, and each year it seems they produce the same amount!

Those little orange cherry tomatoes are delicious!  I love eating food from our yard!