Sunday, October 21, 2012

I Give Up!

I have tried so many times to post this video of Seth in our Ward Talent Show performance- and it just won't upload!! It is so great I really want everyone to see it!

I went to the trouble of borrowing the SD card from the lady in our ward who recorded it with her nice camera, put it on my computer, tried to upload it to blogger, tried uploading it using different web browsers, tried to link to it on FB, Rob tried to convert it so it would upload, but nothing has worked!

So I give up!

I recorded a video on my phone when he was rehearsing in the living room.  I just tried to load that, but it won't work either.  So, if you have a FB account, please look up my page and watch the video.  It is worth it!

We all wore our BYU shirts to the talent show that night to show our support for our team!  Living in Idaho sure brings out our BYU spirit as a lot of people do not share our high opinion of the school.