Thursday, November 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Russell!!

Russell turned four on Tuesday!
All he wanted for his birthday was a racecar cake.

I tried, Russell, I tried. :)

On his birthday I went to a birthday lunch for some friends of mine who had had birthdays recently (how many times can you use the word birthday in one sentence?).  Russell got to wear a sombrero and got some fried ice cream.
Here he is with his good buddy sharing their treat.
He patiently waited until that evening when he was finally allowed to open his presents.  He got some preschool books of mazes and dot-to-dots, a blow-up punching bag and a little bike.
We sure love him! 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween!....and a little catch up

Happy Halloween!
Last Monday we carved pumpkins.  Do you like that spider-web? 
Do you see Sydney in the background?  She has a funny habit of poking/rubbing her belly button.  She gets very upset if she can't have access to it, hence the unsnapped onesie.  The interesting thing is, both Brenna and my little sister Heidi did the same thing!  (Hope I didn't embarrass you there, Heid) Brenna and Heidi liked to play with their bellybutton while drinking a sippy cup, but Sydney sucks her thumb.
Here we have Leonardo, the Ninja Turtle.
And a masked Superman!
And the lovely Katara (from the Avatar-last Airbender cartoon)
And a Ranger (Yes, Sam, we all love those books!)
And a pumpkin who wasn't really in a costume/photo mood.
The whole clan!
We lucked out in that the weather was beautiful and in the 70's that day, so trick-or-treating was not a frozen experience.  Sydney really enjoyed eating her candy, but not until the end did she get brave enough to walk up to the doors with her siblings.  She made up for everything in cuteness, of course.  

Here we have an actual video that uploaded to this here blog!  This is from our school's Open House/Ribbon cutting ceremony.  We are in an actual building instead of portables this year, which is pretty unheard of for a new charter school.  The first, second and third graders performed some songs.  Brenna has a solo part in the song that you will see in this video.  Apparently, out of 90 something kids, 80 something tried out for the solo.  Because of the large number trying out, the teacher selected two soloists, and our Brenna was one of them!  I was so proud of her for even trying out because she often claims she does not like to perform in front of people.

I apologize in advance for the poor camera work.  I was trying to dodge Tom Luna's head in front of me (our State Superintendent) and I had a monkey (Sydney) on my lap!!

I have another video of the rest of the song which is longer and so cute with all of their actions, but I have been trying for three days to get it to load, and it won't.  (arrgh!)  

I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!