Monday, January 28, 2013

Seth had an accident; he will be okay!

Last week Seth went skiing with his school snow team. He has gone skiing a few times with his dad so that he would be ready. He is still a beginner but Rob and aunt Melanie felt that he was competent.
On his first run of the day he got going too fast, slipped on ice, and crashed. Somehow he broke three bones in his lower back called "transverse processes." He thinks he hit a tree although his teacher says there were no trees. Maybe he landed on a rock or his ski? I don't know. Anyhow, it seems that this is an injury that will heal and not give him future problems. Thank goodness. He spent the night in the hospital so they could monitor his pain (apparently these broken bones are more painful than broken ribs). Poor guy was in a lot of pain but is feeling much better now, although not completely back to normal. We feel that he was blessed in that the injury was not more serious. He does not need any surgery. He has been home resting all week, getting up to use the bathroom. Each day he moves a little more. The doctor felt he would be out of school for two weeks. He actually went to school for part of the day today. We see the doctor again on Thursday and I intend to ask lots of questions. :)
For now we are so grateful he is doing so much better, and pray that he will have a full recovery.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Best Christmas Vacation EVER!! {Warning! Extremely Long Post with lots of Pictures!}

Christmas Morning:
Russell is looking a little sleepy still...

 Santa brought Russell this fun motorcycle, however, Sydney thought it should be hers.
 There we go!
 We had been hoping for a week or so for a White Christmas, but there was no snow Christmas morning.  It started snowing that afternoon, however, and snowed for the rest of the day.  In fact, it has been unusually cold here, so the Christmas snow is still here, plus more!

 Enjoying hot cocoa after playing in the snow!

 Sydney loved her baby and stroller.
The kids are enjoying their new dance game.
Brenna and cousin Emma on Christmas Eve showing off their pajama pants from Grandma.  
A fun present this year for the boys was stomp rockets.  It was too cold to play outside but lucky us, we have a tall ceiling.
 The other common denominator in presents was Legos.

After New Year's we traveled to Florida to visit my sister Wendy. Our kids had an extra week off of school than most people, so we thought it would be a good week to go. We arrived late, late, Saturday night (or early Sunday morning) and had fun going to church with them that Sunday. Wendy outdid herself and made a delicious turkey dinner for us that night.
With just our two families there were 13 people!!
The next day was a little chilly and rainy, but we went to the beach anyway.  The next two days were filled with sunshine, 84 degree weather, and beach time!!!!!  I was in heaven.
Wendy lives just a few minutes from the beach that was recently rated number one in the country!  I can see why.  The sand is soft and cool and blemish free.  The water is shallow and free of seaweed.
Seth and Kenneth had a great time creating elaborate sandcastles.

These cuties are just 5 weeks apart in age.  Garrett and Sydney.
This castle was a joint effort.
This picture does not show it, but Sydney's hair was delightfully curly in Florida.
I love the boys in the background heading out to the water.

Rob got caught up in the sand-making fun!
His creation...

This was on the chilly day.

I love warmth and sunshine!  Rob was ready to move to Florida after visiting there.  It was great to experience 80 degree weather while leaving behind 20 degree weather!

The last two days we spent in Disney World.  We had a great time!  4.5 years ago we went to Disneyland and were not anxious to go back, ever.  However, we decided this was an opportunity we should take and I am glad we did.  Wendy and her family came with us, we all stayed together in a condo and had a blast.  We all agree that we would love to do this every year!  Start the fundraising, kids!  :)

We had some "hams" at the Sword in the Stone.

This mural was inside the castle.  I love Shannon's beautiful dance pose, and Russell's copying??
Acting out the scene

This was at Wendy's house.

It was fun to watch Wendy's girls, age 6 and 4, be enthralled with the princesses.  They drew Brenna in, who considers herself too old for such things.

Even though this picture is blurry I had to include it because it is so deliciously pink.  :)

The kids were daredevils on the rides- especially Wendy's.  Their favorite was the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.  

We came home Saturday to snow everywhere, about 20 degrees, and our heater had broken.  I fell we were very blessed in that it just have just happened that day.  If it had been any earlier I am sure we would have had pipes break (which occurred in our church building while we were gone!!)
We miss you, Florida!

The other news is...

Santa brought a sixth stocking on Christmas Eve.  We asked the kids who they thought it was for.  We got responses such as, "Sydney?...Jesus?" and it wasn't until Rob pointed to my tummy that they realized we are going to have another baby!!  I am due July 29.