Thursday, March 21, 2013

Nothing much

Not a lot of out-of-the-ordinary things have happened lately, so I haven't taken many pictures.  I have actually composed lots of blog posts in my head, but that doesn't do any of you much good either! :)

So even though I don't have many pictures, I am going to document something about each kid.  This is mostly for me so I won't feel bad if you choose not to read it.  (Now we will see if I can remember half of what I had thought about it my head)

Almost 12 years old!!!!  He is such a wonderful oldest child.  He is busy after school every day with his drama rehearsals.  He is the leader of his scout troop and takes his role very seriously- calling the boys when they don't show up and welcoming the incoming boys when they turn eleven. He is eager to learn and enthusiastic about everything.

She is getting so tall and beautiful.  Her teacher at school loves her to pieces!  Every time I am in the classroom she tells me how wonderful my daughter is and how if she had a daughter she would want her to be just like Brenna!  Brenna loves her little sister very much and looks out for her a lot.  She likes to do her homework with beautiful penmanship.  Her teacher aide wrote on one math assignment last week that that paper was the neatest, most perfect paper she had ever graded!  Brenna also loves to read.

His cute little smile and hugs can cheer up any bad day!  He is an excellent reader and enjoys math.  He likes to learn.  He loves his sister Sydney so much.  He is very kind to his younger siblings.  He is doing well on the piano and does so willingly!!  He is starting to enjoy playing card games with the family as well as basketball out on the driveway.

He wants to go to school so badly but unfortunately has to wait another complete school year because of his late birthday.  His favorite pastimes are running and playing basketball and soccer.  He plays these downstairs in our basement and gets the appropriate clothes on first.  It is pretty hilarious.  Even when he is not "officially" playing downstairs while actually dribbling a ball, he will run back and forth wherever he is, pretending to dribble up and shoot.  While I usually tend to wait until an older age for organized sports, we couldn't resist and signed him up for soccer this Spring.  He is at his first practice right now.  When we read him stories he is beginning to do what Grant used to do, and that is sort of mutter along as if he is trying to say the words, but he doesn't know what they are.

This might be long.  She is such a delight and talking so much.  She says each of her siblings names: Seh, Menna, Gant, Shussel, and even her own name pretty well.  She LOVES animals and playing outside.  I am so grateful for our patient cats because she follows them around and plunks herself down by them in the weeds or wherever they are and pokes their nose and picks at their ears (while saying the name of the appropriate body part) and they don't mind.  When you ask her where something or someone is and she doesn't know she shrugs her shoulders and says, "I on' know".  It is very cute and I need to catch it on video.  She loves to read stories and still loves to eat.  She is very agreeable and says, "ok" very sweetly, even when you explain that it is time to go to bed.  She is all girl in that she loves to wear her pretty Sunday dress and her Sunday shoes.  She likes to have me do her hair.  She will say "pretty" a lot when she sees something she likes.  She is always trying to put on clothes, even if it is her brothers.  She also likes baby dolls and will "feed" them. 

Baby #6
is a SHE!!!  Brenna is so excited to have another sister!  It is weird to think that we will finally even things up in this family!  As soon as we found out (last week) I began cleaning out all my boy clothes that I no longer need.  I have been looking forward to that for eleven years!  (Not that I wanted to be done having kids, but I have always hated packing away all the clothes)  My did I have a lot of boy clothes!  Not anymore!!  I gave some away to a friend who just had her first baby, and the rest that weren't in quite as good of shape I donated to Deseret Industries.

So that is about all I can think of right now.  I am impressed if you have read this far! 

Here are a couple pictures.  One of Sydney with our cat, and the other of Russell sleeping with his BYU basketball!!