Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Our May so far

It seems in some ways that life is slowing down as the end of the school year nears, and in other ways it is still very busy.  Soccer is over now so that frees up some time.  On the other hand, we have lots of birthdays to celebrate this month!

I love this picture of all three boys in their soccer uniforms on the way to a game.
Sydney and Russ were pretending this diaper box was a boat.
A couple of weeks ago Brenna and I were able to go to the Mother/Daughter Activity night.  I thought the room was decorated so prettily I had to take some pictures. 

This bird nest fell out of one of our trees.  We found the egg separately.  Since I took this photo we found another egg on the ground. 
Russell and Sydney watching some soccer games.
My parents came for a visit over Mother's Day weekend.  They came to see Seth perform in his school drama/musical production.  Seth did a great job!  It was so fun to be with my mom on Mother's Day.  I will post some pictures of us together another time as they are on Rob's phone.
Last week was Grant's birthday.  He turned seven and had a party.  Luckily for us the weather was pleasant so the entire party was outside.  It was great!
We did lots of activities that were just right for boys.  Seth created an obstacle course...
(The happy boy!)
we tied balloons to the boys' feet and they had to try to pop each others without getting theirs popped.
We made "flour bombs" out of flour and knee-highs.  Rob was a favorite target.
We had a pinata...
And of course cake and ice cream.  I showed Grant some pictures of cake ideas from the internet and he picked this one. It is pretty simple- just ringed with kit-kats and topped with m&ms. 
Present time!  I think all the boys had a good time at the party.  Sydney was very cooperative in that she had an extended nap and slept throughout the entire party!!
This is after the party when Grant opened presents from the family.
It is hard to believe this cute boy is seven years old now!
This week is Rob's birthday, and next week is Sydney's birthday!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hey look! I posted!

Sorry it has been so long...

Here is what we have been up to for the past month.

Our annual Easter Egg hunt in our backyard with the cousins.
Lots of jumping on the tramp.  ( you will notice there is an unfair proportion of pictures of Sydney in this post)

We went to CA for a week for Spring Break.  It was a bit chilly and unfortunately we all got really sick while we were there.  We enjoyed seeing my parents and their new house.  The crazy kids went swimming in cold conditions.  That was probably not the best idea. :)

Behind my parent's house their property is natural with beautiful oak trees (and poison oak) and backs up to BLM land, and then a lake.  So one day Grandpa led the way and took us down the 10 minute walk to the lake.  We skipped rocks and looked through binoculars across the lake at some cranes in a nest.

My dad and I both admired the beautiful wildflowers.  We passed a few people riding horses along the trail.  I think that look likes a whole lot of fun!
The lake was behind me in this picture, and the wooded area behind the rocks is what the land looks like between their house and the lake.
Grandma's kitchen has a "seat" for Sydney.
Sydney put this on all by herself.  She loves to put clothes on, and is in fact very opinionated about what she allows me dress her in (and she isn't quite two years old!)
Sydney or one of the kids took this picture on my phone.  Then Sydney somehow changed the wallpaper on my phone to this picture!

Out of order- oops!  This is back to the Easter Egg hunt.
This was Easter Sunday when we went to the temple to hear Melanie sing in an institute choir concert.  It was a beautiful day that day!

Last weekend Seth, Brenna and Grant participated in the local piano evaluation program.  It is actually the same program they have in California that I did as a kid.  They have to take a written theory test, ear training test, and play technic, sightreading and repertoire pieces for an evaluator.  They did really well.  I was busy this year helping with the committee.  I was in charge of the volunteers for the day (teachers and parents who come and help run everything the day of).  Unfortunately a lot of the volunteers did not show up or were hours late so it was a busy day, but fun to be a part of.

We are keeping busy as well with soccer games every Saturday.

This Friday our ward is putting on a Youth Fundraiser Dinner.  Now that I am in the Young Women's Program I get to help with that :).  So we are in charge of the sides for dinner for 175+ people.  I am a little nervous about having all the food ready and warm at the right time.  Wish me luck!