Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Two more birthdays, a visit from my sister, and...

Rob's was our third birthday to celebrate in May.  Because of the abundance of dessert already that month, he requested fruit salad for his "cake."  I thought it was a great choice.

Memorial Day we went on a family outing to the zoo and park where we rode some paddle boats. 

Sydney's birthday was our last in May.  She turned two.  She got this slide for her birthday.  I was hoping it would keep her entertained outside.  She loves to play outside but always wants me right next to her pushing her on the swing or watching her on the tramp.
 She is in big girl underpants here!  We are in the early stages of potty training and she liked the looks of her underwear so she didn't want her pants on. :)  She is doing quite well with the potty training.  I am not calling her trained quite yet.  Just when a couple of days go by without incident and I think she has it down, another accident occurs.  But if she keeps up the good work, she will definitely be the easiest child so far (five children potty trained- don't I deserve a medal or something??)

She had lots of fun (and help) opening her presents.  She got a dolly, and some pretty dress up shoes.  We looked far and wide to find some dress up shoes for her, and unfortunately these were way too small and I ended up throwing them away because she wanted to wear them so badly but they were just not working.  (how could dress up shoes be too small for a two year old?)  She also got some adorable outfits from her grandparents. (no picture of these because she had accidents each day she had them on before I could snap a picture...)
You can see that after four birthdays in the month we are pretty informal with the cake and ice cream.  A week of potty training could have had something to do with the fatigue by the end of the day as well. :)
Last week my lovely sister Sarah and her family visited with us for a couple days.  Her husband Jeremy just finished his MBA in Pittsburgh and got a job in Portland.  Their company moved them, and after looking in to their options they decided to make the long trek via car.  They were able to see a lot of family in the week and a half it took their stuff to make it across the country.  In fact, Sarah is my inspiration for posting tonight.  I figured if she could find time to post several times in the last few weeks amidst a cross country move, I could probably get with it and post once. :)

Here she is with her cute baby Anna.
Sydney, Russell, and Sarah's  boys Eli and Connor.  Connor and Sydney are 10 weeks apart in age, Eli and Russell six months apart. 
It is early in the summer and we have not replaced our wading pool so this sled had to suffice.  The kids played outside every day with the water in our beautiful summer weather.

Jeremy and the two year olds.  I would say they got along pretty well about 50% of the time. :)

We were sad to see them go after a couple of days but know they were anxious to reach their destination.  They made it and are doing great!  Russell and Eli certainly had lots of fun together.
Today we completed our search for an eight passenger vehicle!  We decided to get another minivan, just a newer one with the option of eight seats.  So now we are ready for baby #6!