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Weaver Reunion Summer 2013

(This is my second post today...)

We hosted Rob's family reunion at our house and Kristy's house this year. We had a fun few days with his family. Our first day we floated the Boise river. I do not have any pictures of this fun event because I did not want my camera to get wet. We got lucky that day as it turned out to be overcast and therefore not quite as blisteringly hot as it had been. Two days before the reunion we had set a record of 110 degrees for the day.

On the next day-July 4- we started out with a yummy breakfast burrito cookout at our house followed by a day of play in our backyard.  We had the famous Weaver Olympic Games and volleyball, water kickball, water balloons, crafts, and Grandma's inflatable water slide to keep us entertained.  We enjoyed fireworks that night.

Here are some pictures of the different Olympic events.

We were divided into teams which were designated by the colored bands of fabric.
Here is Grant holding little Madeline.  She is Rob's cousin's daughter...yeah.  Rob's aunt Marilyn and family joined his immediate family for the reunion.


Taking a lunch break.

The next morning we went to a Nature Center in Boise and got to feel some animal pelts, go in the river and catch some critters to feed the fish, and see some wildlife on their nature trail.

 Some of the kids weren't too excited about wearing the boots and getting in the river.


Some of our group.  That afternoon we had a private pool party at a pool I rented.  That was the end of the Weaver reunion.  The next day we cleaned up our house and then drove to CA for the Astle reunion!!


Elise Christine


Our beautiful Elise Christine was born almost two weeks ago- right between Seth and Brenna's birthdays and only a couple days overdue!! She was nearly our smallest baby at 7.0lbs. Her labor was my longest - but we won't talk about that.
  My mom was there to help. She is always so positive and encouraging and helpful with the other kids. I am so blessed to have her for my mom.

All the kids adore Elise and Grandma had to wait in line to hold her.


So far Elise has been a very sweet baby.  She does not fuss very much and sleeps fairly well at night.  We feel so blessed to have her in our family.