Friday, September 13, 2013

A Visit from the McNivens

My sister Wendy and family came to stay with us for about ten days this summer.  Wendy's husband Mike often travels for work and he knows Wendy dislikes the humid summers in Florida so he encouraged her to spend a few weeks out west this summer.  They stayed a week at my parent's after our reunion, then came to Idaho!  This was planned before I knew I was pregnant so she was a little concerned about that, but I assured her I didn't mind having them here.  There is something so fun about having a sister visit!  I had fun showing her to all my friends at church. :)

We mostly hung around our house and played in our slip'n'slide and sprinklers.  One afternoon we went to the public pool and another to a splash park.  It was extremely hot so their objective of escaping the heat was not exactly met, but we had a great time.  It was so nice for the cousins to have time together.

 One night Mike made up a fun game of timing the kids running around the yard (to the tramp, around this tree, etc.)  The two-year olds of course wanted in on the fun.  Here are Garrett and Sydney running their fastest!



These pictures were taken at the Splash Park.


Seth turned twelve during their visit!  He is becoming such a wonderful young man!  The Sunday following his birthday he was ordained a Deacon and received the Priesthood.  We felt so blessed to have so much family there to celebrate with us- Wendy and her family, Rob's parents, his sister Melanie, his sister Kristy and her family, and his aunt Marilyn and her family.  We had a large family dinner after his ordination (the day before my due date!)

One day we did a fun activity with the girls.  We bought silk flowers from the dollar store and made hairbows.  I have wanted to do this activity with Wendy and her girls since I first did it at a Relief Society Retreat.  They thought I was so cool but really I am just good at copying others' ideas. :)

Beautiful Wendy...

 Shannon showing off some lovely flowers.  Garrett had fun lining up the pieces used for the center of the flowers.


Cute Vanessa.  The girls were very concerned about transporting their flowers safely back to Florida on the plane.  I think they managed ok.

 Good friends


I hope they come again!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Astle Reunion 2013

The day our Weaver reunion company left we traveled to CA for a reunion with my parents and siblings.   My parents moved to a new house last fall and were anxious for all of us to come and enjoy it.  It is very beautiful and spacious, has a pool, and land that backs up to BLM land, that backs up to Folsom Lake.  We joked that we were staying in a resort.

Family Photo Session!
We started off the week with a family photo shoot.  I was 37 weeks pregnant in these photos so I wasn't too thrilled about that.  You can see we hid my belly pretty well. ;)

These photos were taken on my parent's property.  It was just beautiful.

My brother Steve and his nephews.  Steve was not around too much because unfortunately he had to work a lot.

The cute Heidi and Sam.

 The above pictures were taken while waiting for our turn.  
 We had fun playing in the swimming pool each day.  Grant spent the most time in the pool and got pretty worn out. :)

One evening the kids were pretty tired so here they are on grandma and grandpa's bed watching a movie.
Lots of board games were played that week.


One morning we took the short walk behind the property to the lake.  We were a little late in the morning for fishing, but the kids gave it a try.

My mom, Mike and Garrett, Shannon and Sam.



 These two are so cute.  They look like they could be siblings.  Sydney and Connor.



Dad and little Anna taking a nap.  Unfortunately I do not have any pool pictures.  I guess I didn't have my camera much while swimming. :)

One afternoon, to get a break from the sun, we went bowling.  It was lots of fun.




 That is all the pictures I have of our reunion.  We stayed for a week and then headed back so Rob and Seth could go to Scout Camp.  Seth found his cousin Andrew up at the scout camp!