Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Melanie's wedding!

Rob's little sister Melanie got married this summer!!  We are so happy for her!  It was a fast romance.  She met Jon in May, just a few short weeks before she was to go on her mission.  The romance bloomed quickly and she decided to defer her mission to see how things developed.  As you can see, things developed and now she is Mrs. Kay and living in Seattle.  Jon seems like a wonderful guy and we are happy they found each other.
These are the best pictures I have of the bride and groom, sorry!

We had quite a crew waiting outside the temple.  This was great beacuse there were lots of babies that needed tending!
Speaking of babies, Elise was just three weeks old at the wedding.  (Thank you, thank you Melanie for getting married in Boise so we did not have to travel! ) I was very very nervous about how she would behave during the wedding and luncheon.  She was an angel.  She slept the whole time, waking up briefly to eat.  She woke up just as we pulled into our driveway.  I had to get a picture of her because she made me so happy that day!


Brenna and Emma, cute cousins!

The night before the wedding we had Weaver family pictures taken.  Here is the only one we got on our phone: the siblings.  

We were so lucky to house Rob's brother Ryan and his family from Iowa for the wedding weekend.  Their Sam (on the right) is just 8 months older than Russell, yet look at the size difference.  He is one tall, cute kid!  Their daughter Annie is just two months older than Sydney, and she is quite tall as well.  I wanted to get a picture of the two of them, but it was not to be.  (It is ok, Annie, I still love you.)  Annie is such a sweet little girl, and my boys had so much fun playing with Sam all day while we were attending wedding festivities.

It was a great weekend.



Monday, October 7, 2013

Happy Birthday Brenna and hello Elise!

Brenna turned 10 in August!! He birthday was just a couple days after I got home from the hospital. Grandma Astle was here so it was extra special.
No homemade cake this year :(
And now here are several pictures of Elise.  She is now two months old!  She is cooing and smiling.  She was pretty fussy especially around six weeks, so much so that I was willing to try going off dairy to see if that would help.  I had no dairy for three weeks.  She has done much better so as of this weekend I am eating it again.  We will see what happens.  I do not know if it was the dairy or she is just older now or what.  But we all love her so much.

 This was her first day of church.



 I have not been able to get a smile on camera yet...
Sydney is always ready to pose for the camera.


 Here are Sydney and Russell showing off their craft they made after storytime at the library.  :)

Ah, here is a smile!

Some of the Young Women I work with at church made me this cute baby blanket for Elise.  They were very sneaky about it!  In fact the night that they finished it up and brought it over I was told they were going hiking and so I better not come because it would be too long to leave my new baby. :)
Seth, for several reasons we won't get into here, transferred from the charter school to the public junior high school.  This means he can play in the band!  He was very excited.  His teacher needed him to play clarinet, and lo and behold Grandpa Weaver has a clarinet (I did not know he played!)  Seth has picked it up quickly.  He is also playing piano for the jazz band.

Seth, Brenna and Grant's piano teacher gives wonderful incentives for practicing.  This summer she started a new technic series called Muscle Builders and Power Fingers (for Dr. Peery grads this is High-Loud and Close-Loud).  It is pretty intense and so when they completed the first level they received a Lego piano kit.  Here is Seth with his completed.  Grant and Brenna have not put their's together yet as she wants them to do it at her studio and leave them on display for a time.