Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thanksgiving, and everything since...

Thanksgiving was a blast with my parents and sister Sarah and her family visiting!  We all squished around our table for the big feast.  The food was outstanding as usual.  I think Grant wins the prize for the most roll consumption.


Yummy pies: pumpkin, apple crumb, lemon cream, berry.

My parents brought 30 lbs of fresh mandarins from Loomis with them on the plane!  Crazy, you say?  Trust me when I say they are out of this world.  You can buy them from roadside stands in Loomis and the stuff we can buy in the stores  here do not compare.
Grant holding little Anna.  Our two year olds got along much better than a few months ago, but the babies'  lack of sleep combined with parents staying up too late resulted in some exhaustion!  We are so glad Sarah and Jeremy made the effort to come.
After Thanksgiving it is time to get the Christmas decorating done!  The kids were great helpers this year with the tree.  
While pretty mild weather during Thanksgiving week (we played basketball outside) the weather turned cold quickly.  When we went to pick out a tree it was snowing and blowing an icy wind.  Needless to say we weren't too selective with the tree this year.  I did not even get out of the car, choosing instead to stay inside with the baby.

Elise keeping warm in her blankets through all this frigid weather.

The kids were happy it snowed the following weekend.  With our cold temperatures that snow is still here.

 Yikes!  This is what we woke up to on a Monday morning.  I was pretty disappointed they didn't cancel school.  This is by far the coldest we have experienced since living here.
When it warmed up in a couple days the girls had some fun.

This weekend we had our annual Gingerbread House decorating night.  We had a tough time finding a free night to do it this year.  

Between making the icing and dealing with a fussy baby I did not get much of a chance to participate.  I attempted to decorate a little of Sydney's house but she would just pull off whatever I put on and eat it so I gave up. :)
As usual, Rob's house is a masterpiece.  He had to leave partway through and visit some people so he finished after the kids (and I) were in bed.  His is worthy of a picture from several angles...




 Here Sydney put some of Elise's pants on.  I was impressed they fit around her waist!

 Merry Christmas!