Friday, February 28, 2014

Trip to Iowa Part 1

So way back in the beginning of February Rob, Elise, and I took a fun weekend trip to Iowa. It all started because my sister Heidi is getting her Master's Degree in Piano Performance and was giving a Recital. It just so happens that Rob's brother Ryan and family live 1.5 hours from Heidi and Sam. So we decided to go on Thursday and visit Ryan, then drive Friday night to the recital and spend a couple of days with Heidi, Sam, my parents and sister Sarah.

Ryan and Julianne have three adorable children.  Sam, age 5, Annie-2 and Joe-1.  Ryan is also a dentist so Rob enjoyed going to work with him on Friday and seeing his office.  Annie was my buddy that day while Sam was at school.  As you can see, she thought Elise was pretty fun, too.

Since Rob flew to Iowa from Indiana he had a few hours to kill until my flight arrived.  To ensure he was the favorite uncle he went to a nearby store and bought some gifts for Ryan's kids.  This picture shows the superman hat Rob picked out for Sam.  He wore it constantly the entire time we were there.
It was so great to visit with Ryan and Julianne.  They fed us delicious food and even sent us on our way with a loaf of homemade whole wheat bread!  We had a great time.

Some catch up

Look at this happy baby!