Sunday, March 23, 2014

This and That

Elise sure loves her older brother Seth. This pictures was taken while watching Rob's cousin Lydia play in a middle school volleyball tournament.
During Dr. Seuss week these kids made these fun hats at the library. We were driving somewhere and I turned around and saw this in the backseat...pretty adorable.
A few weeks ago these kids played in the Piano Festival.  It was a very positive experience for all three.  They each earned a Superior ranking.  If recommended by their teacher, the higher level students could audition for some music awards.  Seth and Brenna auditioned this past weekend and were quite pleased to come away with some money!  (Quite a bit, actually.  Brenna was awarded $100 and Seth $200!)  They were compared to students of similar age, with the monetary amounts increasing with age.
One morning while getting ready for church I noticed Brenna and Elise both had pink with zebra stripes on- I had to get a picture. Unfortunately Sydney stayed home sick that day, but she also has a dress that is pink and black. I keep meaning to have a professional photo of that done, but have yet to do it. :)

This picture just shows our adorable Elise!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Iowa Trip Part Two

Friday evening we left Julianne and Ryan's house to go to the airport to pick up my sister Sarah and her baby, Anna.  Sarah was originally supposed to be flying the last leg of her trip on the same flight as my parents, however, due to a "Snowpocalypse" (as she liked to call it) her plane from Portland was delayed and so she missed her connecting flight by mere minutes.  This was surprising to all of us since my mom was at the gate trying to get the airline employees to hold the plane.  Ususally my mom is very persuasive in these situations but to all of our surprise she did not prevail this time. :)
So poor Sarah had an extra long trip with her walking 11 month old. (FUN!)  To make matters worse, her last flight was delayed as well, meaning we picked her up, drove to the recital and arrived about 3 minutes after it was supposed to start.  (Thanks for waiting for us, Heidi!)

Heidi found a nice couple to watch our babies in the lounge while we attended the recital.
Now on to the recital:  It was amazing!  I was so proud of my sis!  She looked absolutely stunning and played exquisitely.   I enjoyed every note.  It was partly motivating (as in- I should go home and practice) and partly discouraging (as in- why bother- there is no way...)  But really, it was just amazing.  She told us later that night that that recital counted for her audition into the doctorate program as well as a requirement for her Master's and she passed both.  I am so happy for her!  They love her there.  The recital room was packed.  Sam told me recitals are not usually so well attended.  He said before Heidi came along the piano majors did not hardly talk to each other.  Heidi has done a lot to unify the students and imrpove socialization.  She is also a favorite among her group piano students, many of whom came to hear her play.  Oh yeah, that is my sister we are talking about!  She is awesome!

Considering the long day of travel and the late night, the babies were quite good-natured.
The day after the recital was my dad's birthday. We got him a cake and had some ice cream. It has been several several years since I have been with my dad on his birthday so this was a special treat. We all flew home on Sunday. It felt so WARM when we got back to Boise! Iowa was a frozen tundra!