Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Well, it has been over a week, but I have a pretty good reason for forgetting on Sunday.  We will get to that ;)

On last week's holiday Grant and Russell got out the play-do.  Grant took a picture of his penguin.  I thought it was pretty good.

Grant was very excited that same afternoon to go to a birthday party at the local bounce house space.  It was a happening place.  We were told when he signed in that he was the 39th kid to arrive to the party!!

Elise likes to pretend she is practicing as well...

This past weekend we had the pleasure of tending my sister's three kids so they could go house hunting in Cincinnati.  Here they are going bowling on the Wii.

Eli and Connor enjoyed trying out their fooball skills.

Saturday was a chilly sunny day so we ventured to the park.

With Rob ad Seth on a campout Friday night and all day Saturday it was nice to be able to get out of the house.  We were lucky to have these cute kids with us until Monday, so that is my excuse for not blogging Sunday :)

Eli and Russell worked together on a color by number.  It is so wonderful to be near enough to help out my lovely sister Sarah.  Her three kids are the same ages pretty much as our three youngest and they all get along so well.

Today was the 100th day of school.  Russell's class dressed up as if they were 100 years old.  This type of "fun" is always a challenge for me.  Russ borrowed Seth's funny glasses and Rob parted his hair in the middle (which got messed up with his hat).  His teacher emailed me this picture after school today.  :)

Sunday, January 18, 2015


The kids were excited at the beginning of this week when they had yet another snow day!  Sunday afternoon it began raining and since the temperature had been so cold the week before the rain froze when it touched the ground (freezing rain).  It rained all afternoon and night, changing to snow at 7 am, so they cancelled school.

Elise is at that fun stage where she creates "tornadoes" wherever she goes.  After I cleaned up everything she pulled out of my bathroom drawers and cupboards while I did my hair one morning, I came into my room and saw this...

We still have our gingerbread houses on display, so I took a picture.

Elise was not impressed with the picture taking, and wanted me to pick her up instead.

Here they are close up:
 Sydney (she had dumped a whole container of green sprinkles all over her cardboard round because she wanted grass, but she didn't have any frosting down for it to stick to, so when we picked it up it spilled)
 Brenna has been working on her pencil by number she got for Christmas.  It is really taking shape.

Some exciting news we heard at church today is the dedication date for the Indianapolis Temple!! August 23!  There will be a Cultural Celebration August 22.  We were involved with that when the Boise Temple was rededicated and look forward to being a part of this as well.  It will be so nice to have the temple open.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Christmas 2014

This is my fourth post today!!

Anticipation was high for Christmas this year!  My brother Steve and his wife Yihua came to visit from Washington D.C.  They arrived Christmas Eve and spent Christmas Day with us.  

Rob moved our kitchen table in to the empty dining room for Christmas Eve dinner.  It looked so nice with our festive red chargers and candles.  He folded a cloth napkin in the shape of a Christmas Tree earlier in the day.  I loved it and asked him to do that for the table that night.  It was a delicious feast.

This pictures shows Seth performing his ukelele with some other guys at our ward Christmas party.  They sang the Hawaiian Twelve Days of Christmas.

Sydney is showing off her adorable hat she received from her cousin Vienna for Christmas.

Russ showing his cousin gift from Kamryn.

Grace could not have picked a better gift for Seth!

He was also pretty excited about this shirt dad picked out!
Elise showing off her new clothes from Grandma.  She was not very happy about this.  My other attempt shows her on the floor throwing a tantrum, so this is the best option :)

Sydney in her new clothes!
 Isn't that nice?

Santa brought the little girls a toy kitchen.

 The older kids were excited about their laser tag gun and BYU shirts!
 Thanks to aunt Wendy for the laser tag gun cousin gift idea...that prompted the theme for presents this year!  We had to get Steve and Yihua their own so they could play with us!

 Rob's favorite gift this year!!!!  He is in heaven.  Now he just needs to train the family so he has some worthy opponents.  (Seth and I attempted to play against Rob while he was holding Elise and playing right handed...and he still beat us!)

Chicago 1-30-14

(This is my third post today!!)

A week into Christmas break I felt the kids were getting a little stir-crazy.  I also thought that it was a shame for me not to see my sister Sarah over the break who lives 2.5 hours away in Chicago.  With Rob's parents coming later that week I impulsively decided to take a day trip to Chicago to see Sarah and part of the city.

I called Sarah around 5:00 pm to see what she was doing the next day!  She obligingly decided to join me in spontaneity and we agreed to meet the next morning at the Field Museum.

 The Field Museum was a great place!  I was afraid it would be very crowded, but it really wasn't.  While the younger kids were ready to go long before the others, we had a great time.

All the kids enjoyed this "Rhythm Room" in the Family Lab area.  They loved pounding the drums!
 These boys always have so much fun together!  Connor, Eli and Russ.
 There were some dress up costumes...a frog...
 a turtle...
 and a bat!
 Here we are in front of SUE, the largest T-Rex skeleton in the world!
 A quick snapshot of the skyline as we walked back to our car.  It was freezing cold that day, so we didn't spend any time walking along the lake or anything of that nature.

Almost as soon as Sarah arrived at the museum with her kids, my kids kept asking if we could leave and go to Sarah's house.  This made me laugh because I had thought we should schedule the day rather than just visit Sarah at her house because I worried they might get bored.  But they wanted to go play at Sarah's house!  So, even though it was an hour out of the way, we went to Sarah's house for a few hours that evening.  It was a day well spent!