Wednesday, May 20, 2015

May 20, 2015

Warning: Extremely long post ahead!!

A few weeks ago these cuties helped me plant the yellow and pink flowers in our front yard. Actually, to be more accurate, they watched me.  Neither one of them wanted to touch the dirt haha!   Unfortunately the flowers look about the same now as they did then...I guess they need some flower food.  

 At the end of April Russell's class took a trip to the zoo.  We were able to come along, siblings and all!

 It was a beautiful day to be outside!

We were lucky enough to see this tortoise eat his food.  When we saw him again later he had eaten most of his carrots and apples but left the unrecognizable pellets of food: tortoise food I guess.

 This cute girl is in our ward and in Russell's class.  One day her mom asked me to watch her and she came over with a picture she had drawn of her and Russell on their wedding day getting married to each other. :)

 It was a bit too cold to be getting wet in this fountain, but most of the kids did away.  Elise kept eyeing it for a long time, and finally was brave enough to stick her fingers in the water.

 One of my favorite exhibits was the wallaby exhibit.  We saw a little joey inside its momma's pouch.  Elise loves animals and was not afraid at all.  I had to run over and stop her from touching one of the wallabies.

 Elise was also fascinated with the llama and miniature horse (not pony-horse!).  She made me nervous.  She didn't want me to hold her, but then she would stand at the stall door and barely get her fingers over the edge and try to reach up and see into the stall.  I was afraid the llama would bite her fingers.

Here I am trying to take a selfie with Elise and the llama.  Of course, as soon as I tried it decided to lay down, then reach its head down to eat hay, etc.  This is the best shot we got ;)

Here is my cute little apple tree in bloom.

We almost always have a ballerina or princess in residence.

In early May the youth of our ward put on a fundraiser dinner.  They youth were supposed to bring desserts to be auctioned afterward.  Brenna got the ok to go to Girl's Camp even though she won't turn twelve until later in the summer so she got to help out and make a dessert, too.  She really enjoyed herself and felt grown up (unfortunately word came out later from SL that girls HAVE to be twelve by Girl's Camp :(

Brenna, Seth and I headed to the store the night before to get ingredients for our desserts.  Then we stayed up way too late making them :)  I was in heaven- a chance to make two fancy desserts and not feel guilty about the calories...yes!

Seth made a Mint Brownie/Oreo Hot Fudge Trifle that I have been eyeing for a couple years on

Brenna made a Key Lime cheesecake that wasn't finished until the next day...picture later in the chronological order...

The next morning Sydney and I went to see Seth play in his soccer game and then rehearse for his performance later that night with the Bach Chorale.  As a result of winning the Bach Piano Competition the winners performed with the Bach Chorale- a youth chorus that put on the competition to celebrate 50 years of their organization.

 Here is the church where the concert was.

That afternoon we put the finishing touches on the cheesecake.  I am proud to say it brought top dollar at the event. :)

We invited our sweet neighbor to the concert and the dinner that night.  She gave the kids these fun clown noses.

These girls love to play the piano, too!

I take these girls with me to walk the boys to school each day.  They are so fun.  Sydney rides her little bike for part of the way, then we she gets tired I stick in the back and let her ride.  You can see her bike back there.

Our neighbor gave us this cute kid-sized chair.  The girls love it.

This is the birthday invitation I ended up with after much trial and error.  I cut off the white.  And then I just glued the when, where, info on the back...I didn't want to get too technologically crazy haha!

Since we went with a baseball theme we decided to make a "baseball" pinata.  I looked up how to do it online and blew up a punch bag, and used paper mache to make the pinata-or rather, Rob made it :)

Oh and it seems I don't have pictures of the finished product.  They are on Rob's phone.  The reason I do not blog more often is because whenever I go to do it I realize I need to get the pictures off Rob's phone, and he is never around at the time...then I forget...

 Here is our cute birthday boy.  We played lots of fun games with the ten boys that came to his party.  We threw baseball into a bucket, and into a hula hoop target, and saw who could run the bases the fastest, and who could hit the ball with a pool noodle the furthest, and the pinata.  It was fun.

Rob decorated an amazing cake with a baseball and baseball diamond-pics also on his phone...

Last week I had the pleasure of having lunch with this handsome young man.  He received an award given to one girl and one guy at his school.  The teachers vote on who gets the award.  I was so proud of him for standing out after being new to the school this year.The school counselor told me his PE teacher was so impressed with Seth because he went out of his way to make sure the mentally disabled kid in his class had a good experience every day.  Yep, one proud mama.

Here he is with the girl from his school and the mayors of both cities and a member of the optimist club that hosted the lunch.

My friend watched the girls so I could go to the lunch.  They have this cute piano.  Elise was in heaven!

We went camping over Grant's birthday.  Here he is about to open his presents.

 Nine years old!!

Grant's grandmas have great taste...they gave him the exact same card!!

Grant thoroughly enjoyed chopping at an old dry log on the campsite.  Boy heaven!  It took a lot of work but he finally cut it through- with  hatchet no less!

 One morning we went to the Nature Center at the state park where the kids each assembled and decorated a birdhouse.

 Elise became attached to this stuffed owl.  When I try to take a picture of her she won't hold still because she is trying to come around to the other side of the phone and see the picture. :)  But in this case it made a pretty cute picture. :)

 Such a beautiful place.

 It was free fishing day so Grant fished the river, but no catch this time.

 Now we have five birdhouses...

Elise fell asleep on the way home from the store the other day, stayed asleep when I put her in the stroller to walk to the school, then stayed asleep when I put her in her bed when we got home.  She was tired!

  Can you see our apples growing?  They are there I promise.  Look closely.

When we moved in Rob's dad said we had a tulip tree in our backyard.  I was beginning to doubt because earlier in the spring before the trees had leaves we saw what I thought were pink tulip trees in bloom everywhere but our tree had nothing.  But I just noticed the other day the little tulip flowers on our tree-a little more camouflaged because of the leaves and the lighter color, but so pretty!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the Kindergarten Celebration for this guy.  Doesn't he look so handsome all dressed up?  His class and the other kindergarten classes sang some songs for the parents in the gym and then we went to the classroom and looked at the work he has been doing throughout the year.

Here he is standing with some of his class in the gym (they are doing some construction-hence the cones in the background)

They sang the ABC song and then and it "backwards" :)

Russ with his teacher.

 One of the things Russ got to take home from school was this "grass-a-pillar".  I don't know why but I think he is pretty cute and pretty hilarious.