Sunday, September 13, 2015


Rob is the assistant coach for Russ' soccer team.

Last weekend Rob's parents visited.  It is always great to have them around.  We attended a cross country meet that took most of the day Saturday.

Monday we went to the zoo and water park.  It was a great way to say goodbye to summer.  We were wearing our jackets today...sniff sniff.

 A new furniture item was (finally) delivered!  I LOVE it!!

It looks a little lonely in there.

Some good-lookin' fans at the volleyball game this week!

I did some preserving with three batches of freezer jam, three trays of frozen peach slices, and ten quarts of bottled peaches...yum!

This might be the cutest BYU fan ever.  Two great games!!

Out of order, oops- riding the train near the zoo.

Our yummy potato harvest...yep, the entire harvest.  Our potato plants appeared to do so very well, but I guess they just grew above the ground and did not grow potatoes underneath :(  But the little we got were tasty :)

Elise and I went to the cross country meet yesterday while Rob attended the volleyball tournament and soccer game.  I gave Elise a piggy-back ride when we headed back to our car.  Here is my attempt at a selfie :)