Sunday, January 31, 2016

Catch up from December 2015

Here is Grant before his December Orchestra concert.  His school starts orchestra in fourth grade.  It was very impressive to see all those kids playing such beautiful music.
 Elise didn't want to be left out.

Another preschool concert :)

 Sydney on the podium receiving a medal for the end of semester gymnastics class.  (her class is first thing in the morning and always very cold which is why she kept her clothes on over her leotard.)

 Rob and I hard at work preparing the gingerbread houses for decorating.  We find less frosting has to be made if we glue gun the houses together.  It was a treat this year to make them with my parents!
 Luckily we still have left over candy from previous years.  I do not know what we will do when we run out.  Without Winco it will  break the bank to purchase enough candy for this tradition.

 Here is my only pic of a completed one, and this is only partially finished.

 Funny Sydney in mom's boots!

 Poor little Elise on Santa's lap.  I was in charge of the Ward Christmas party this year, so while I was busy managing Rob apparently took E to Santa.  I am not sure why he felt it was necessary to submit her to such torture...

Christmas Eve was such a wonderful evening with my parents  Here e are enjoying the musical "program".  We sang carols, listened to piano performances and Grant on the cello, dad read Luke 2.  It was a special night.

 Elise joined in the singing!
 Some selfies of Rob with E.

Christmas morning did not disappoint.  The spirit of giving abounded and everyone was grateful for each other.
Cousin gifts are always a favorite!

 Sweet ninja turtle hat for cousin Russell!

 Santa brought the family this fun game!  It gets daily use!!

 She looks so much older with her hair lying down like this!

 Not sure what to say about these next pictures, but they are cute.

jumping around a little here...
I had thought I wouldn't do much holiday baking this year.  It is a lot of work and very tiring, etc.  But then my cute kids expressed how much they wanted to bake with me.  Combining my love of baking with my love of doing things with my kids?  Yes, please!  We made some scrumptious treats to give away: these turtles as well as twix cookies, cranberry-orange bread, mint brownies, cheeseballs, cranberry cheesecake bars... It was all fantastic.  

 Another memorable thing we did in December that I don't have pictures for is caroling!  It was superb to have my parents come along and round out our four-part harmony.  We sounded great if I do say so myself.  And what a blessing that we had 50 degree weather to go caroling in!  The neighbors were impressed even though some were a bit uncomfortable-caroling is a lost pastime I am afraid.

 The Christmas Eve feast!

Christmastime decorations helped our furniture lacking house not feel so bare!

Jumping around pictures-oops!  Christmas Eve program again...

 The dessert!

The lineup Christmas morning!

 Enjoying Santa's stocking apples!

 A beautiful princess dress from grandma!

Astle side cousin gifts

 (Elsa shoes)

 Back to Christmas Eve haha!

 Here are Seth's fans watching his basketball game!!