Sunday, June 12, 2016

May birthday #4...Sydney!!

Sydney enjoyed her first "friend" birthday party this year.  We went with a princess theme and it was a great success.

In the background here you can see one of the games we played- "pin the crown on the princess".  We also had a relay, played "bibbidi bobbidi boo"(duck,duck, goose), a princess picture cake walk, princess coloring pages, and a game where we determined which pillow was hiding the "pea."

 We had cake in the "banquet room"
 I was pretty pleased with the cake!

Our beautiful birthday princess

 One of the highlights of the party was when we turned on some princess songs and let the kids dance.  Russ had dressed up in his knight costume and took his roll very seriously.  He danced with Sydney and it was so adorable!  He was turning her and dipping her.
 And it is amazing how perfectly they posed for this picture, haha

A few days later we were visiting Sarah for the weekend when it was Sydney's actual birthday.  We celebrated again!  Sarah was so sweet and made brownies.Unfortunately Sydney had had a little too much birthday by that point! I love being closer to my family!  It was great to have grandma and grandpa here for Rob and Sydney's birthday, and to celebrate Sydney's birthday with cousins!   

May Birthday #3...a BIG one ;)

Rob turned 40 this year!  
I love this picture below-Grant brought down all of his medals he has earned from various piano events, etc, and put them around Rob's neck.  And Elise is always ready to pose for the camera :)

 Once again Rob chose peanut butter cookies as his birthday treat, but he came home with this birthday cake his office had given him.  I guess they were too busy working that day and didn't have time to eat it.

 What a fun (and goofy) family

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Grant's Birthday

Grant turned ten years old!!  What a guy!  We had a quiet family party this year (well, some of us were quiet...)

 He requested the castle cake I made for Russell's birthday.  I found some interesting colored-flame candles.

 Here is Grant performing in his piano recital.  He plays the piano so expressively...there is a lot of musicality inside that boy!


In April I had the pleasure of visiting my sister and her newborn baby!  Thanks to mom, dad, and Rob for covering for me at home!

Levi is so cute,and such a good baby!  At least, he was when I was there:)  He is content without a pacifier and only eats every three hours!

 It was great to visit Heidi.  She is an amazing person and I am proud to call her my sister :)

They were a few weeks ahead of us as far as Spring arrival so that was also fun!

 Heidi and Sam will be amazing parents to this cute little guy.

On my way home I picked up Rob's parents at the airport who came for a visit.  What a great week!