Sunday, October 23, 2016

Astle Reunion 2016

For our reunion this year we had the privilege of going to the beautiful mountains in UT!  We stayed in my aunt and uncle's beautiful home in Heber City.

I am pretty sure these pictures were taken through the car window...such a beautiful world!

One of the days we hiked to Timpanogas Cave.  I had never done this before and I loved it!  The day was beautiful, and the view was amazing.

We wore our family reunion t-shirts!

It was so fun to see these cute cousins holding hands!

Cousin buddies!

We had a great tour of the caves...very fascinating!  Our fourth grader knew all the answers to the questions!

Isn't that just beautiful?

Another day my uncle took us on his boat to try water-skiing and wake-boarding, and tubing!  This was all the grandkids first experience with such an adventure I believe.  It was a hit.  Half of us went on the boat while the other half played on the shore or with the paddle boats.  What fun!

My uncle Alan let each kid who wanted to have a turn to drive the boat.  Rob and I about had a heart attack multiple times!  It made me dread the teenage driving coming up soon!

Aunt Laura has so many fun toys in her basement!

Cousin friends!
 Elsa power!
 Two peas in a pod!

We are so grateful we could be together for those few days.  Apparently I need to take more pictures- there really were adults there!  These times together are precious and I am so glad my siblings make the effort to attend the reunions every year, and that my parents go to the effort of putting them together!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Memorial Weekend part 2

Whew, back to blogging!

In my last post I mentioned that we were at my sister Sarah's for Sydney's birthday.  Here are some pictures of the fun we had while at her house.  

 They have a neighborhood pool but it had some problems this year and wasn't open for the weekend.  I had bought this blow-up contraption on clearance for $5 so I brought it along.  It provided quite a bit of fun for a day, until the slide got a hole. Good thing I only spent five bucks.

 Sydney and her cute little cousin
 Sarah and Jeremy have a great piece of plastic they use for a slip 'n slide. Their yard is sloped as well so it makes for a great slide.

We always have such a great time visiting family!