Sunday, November 20, 2016

Summer Fun 2016

In this post I have included a smattering of pictures I have from the summer.

Here we have this big guy getting ready for his High Adventure.  50+miles in 3 days through the Smoky Mountains.  He went caving, hiking, and whitewater rafting.  I was jealous I couldn't go :) (except for the caving thank you)  
 I am so grateful Seth had the opportunity to go on this trip.  What a great experience for these boys to dig down deep physically and mentally to accomplish the goal.  And what a great lesson on preparation!
 I can't remember now what these cuties were observing, but they are cute haha.

This beautiful girl had the pleasure of experiencing girls camp for the first time!  She had a great time and definitely bonded with the young women.

 Some High Adventure Pictures
 Our home garden...the sugar snap peas were happy!  Unfortunately they ripened when we were out West.

 Patiently watching her older sibling's swimming lessons

My parents gave Rob this very fun frisbee game for his birthday.  Elise and Sydney like to climb in the barrels.

 We took a day trip to the canal museum in a neighboring town.  They had a great interactive museum including these pioneer clothes.

 Some fun at our friend's house

 Brenna took weekly riding lessons, until her teacher moved away :(
 Girl's Camp!
What a great summer!

Idaho Summer 2016

After a fantastic Astle reunion we had the pleasure of visiting Idaho for a week.  Our picture taking only captured a little of what we did so I will do my best to describe.

We went to Driggs and saw the Bar J None Wranglers comedy/country music show and dinner.  That was very fun.  Grandma Weaver took the older kids up in the afternoon so that she could get front row seats.  They played card games why they waited.  The rest of us joined later. 

We stayed in a condo for two nights so we could play some more.  The next day Grandpa, Rob, Seth and I hiked up to a table rock in the Grand Teton's.  I am not sure of the name of the actual trail, but it is about five miles up and eight back a different way.  It was so beautiful!  I wish I had brought my phone to take pictures.  We saw the point at which the melting snow formed a waterfall and stream (river?) to travel down the mountain.  Just thinking about it brings back the awe of the raw, rugged mountains.  Despite Seth getting stung twice by a bumblebee, the hike was wonderful.

The next day we went home round way of American Falls so the younger kids could enjoy some mountain scenery.  Then we had lunch at Big Judd's, home of the one pound burger.  It is a destination of a different sort :)
 When Rob's siblings were visiting we went on a smaller desert hike that I can't remember the name of now.  We had a nice view of the valley and river below.  The picture below is of this hike.

 These pictures above and below are of American Falls.

 Big Judd's ice cream

We feel so lucky that we can visit the West every summer!