Saturday, January 7, 2017

Halloween 2016

It is always a fun time when we carve pumpkins as a family.  We used pumpkins we grew in our garden for a few of us.

 Here is Grant's creation.
 Brenna's is the witch
 Russell up top and the bat is mine

The kids kept asking me all fall when we were going to make applesauce.  I am glad they think it is so fun...honestly I was hoping we could skip it this year, but I am glad we did it.  It is nice to have so many helpers.  
 Halloween!  I love these two girls.
 Does this pictures make you smile?

October 2016

I love this picture!  Elise and I met in Sydney's classroom before accompanying the class on their field trip to the pumpkin patch.
 Sydney and her good friend in the corn maze
 I like this creation
 Now that is a big pumpkin!


Seth got his driver's permit!  Watch out!!
 Fall 2016 was a busy one with Seth in cross country, Brenna in volleyball, Grant in Fall Baseball, Russ playing soccer, and Sydney in gymnastic.  Whew!  We survived somehow.  Here Brenna's B team is celebrating their tournament victory.

Corn Maze 2016

This was our third year going to the pumpkin patch/corn maze.  This year we had grandma and grandpa with us!!

 Elise is enjoying the horse swing made out of a tire.
 The younger kids loved the tractor train.

 And of course, the corn kernel silo.

 Grandpa, Seth and Rob stood in line a looooong time for the corn cannon.
 Our favorite part is renting a firepit.  We made tin foil dinners...yum!

 And s'mores!

 It was pretty windy, but inside the corn maze the wind was blocked and we could enjoy the sunny day!

Friday, January 6, 2017

September 2016

September started off Rob and I going to Chicago to see the Cubs play the Giants.  We went with some good friends, and my parents came along as well (dad as always been a Giants fan) It all began over the summer at a get together with the friends.  These friends live close to each other and do a lot of fun stuff together.  They were planning the things they wanted to do over the next few months and were very gracious to invite us to each one.  We found ourselves saying, "no, we won't be able to do that,  no, we can't do that...) over and over.  When they mentioned the cubs game, and that it was against the Giants, I thought my dad would probably like to go.  I had thought at first that Rob and dad should just go, but the other guys were bringing their wives, whom I adore, and I thought it sounded like a fun time so I agreed to go.  Fast forward to the hectic fall with almost every kid in a sport, and I ultimately regretted my commitment.  But it was a beautiful day, and great company, and a day to remember. :)

  (terrible lighting!)

Over Labor Day Seth had a local cross country meet.  We were blessed that weekend to see to of my sisters and their families, and almost all of us went to watch Seth race.  It was such a beautiful day and afterward the kids and cousins had fun racing to the finish line.  Grandpa would get them started and then they would run their little hearts out.

 Seth transferred schools this year in anticipation of our move.  He qualified as a varsity runner (varsity is the top seven fastest runners from the team)

It is very exciting to watch the cross country races begin.  There are so many runners and as soon as the racers are out of view the spectators collectively rush over to the next viewpoint or tough hill to cheer their runner on.
 We loved seeing our cute little cousins!
Sydney loved holding this sweet little guy!

 It warmed my heart to see these two holding hands on the way to school.

 Fun at the park
 Rob had the grand opening of his new office building!!
 Rob and the three oldest went to the Piano Guys concert in Chicago.  They also visited one of the museums there.